Razer Accessories

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Razer is one of the leading gaming brands. It has fans worldwide, and its logo is one of the most recognised in the world. 

Razer's efforts to become a global gaming powerhouse are courtesy of its award-winning gaming hardware, accessories, and peripherals. If you're in the market looking for gaming accessories from a reputable brand, Razer is a perfect fit.


At Fierce PC, we stock a variety of Razer’s hardware and accessories. The accessories are thoughtfully designed to live up to the expectations of gaming, which include performance and appeal. With Razer's range of accessories, you can take your gaming to the next level while improving the looks of your gaming station.

Razer Gaming Accessory Range


Razer has an excellent collection of audio products, particularly headphones. For gamers looking to complete their virtual experience or are heavy online multiplayer gamers, this award-winning range of audio solutions is just what you need.

Razer’s audio range includes the best gaming headsets and has received awards for some of the best speaker systems, including an award for Speaker of the year and multiple top headset awards.

If quality is at the top of your priorities when sourcing for audio accessories, Razer has what you want.

Gaming Mice and Keyboards

You can choose from a wide range of gaming mice from Razer. The collection features everything from ambidextrous mini mice for part-time gamers or gamers with limited space to fully-fledged gaming designed for different gamers.

With Razer's collection of gaming Mice, you can finally enjoy precision and comfort when gaming. The brand also has a collection of award-winning keyboards that have been featured in various publications.

Razer's range of gaming keyboards is perfect for gamers looking to improve gaming performance and appearance at the same time. The range includes mechanical keyboards for accurate and seamless execution.

With Razer accessories, you can unlock the spoils and joy of gaming courtesy of a wide array of quality gaming accessories designed to match your gaming needs and preferences.

Quality Gaming Accessories

With gaming, quality is a standard. Even with gaming accessories, you should always aim to invest in good quality accessories. They might cost you a little more, but they will serve you longer, provide you with better performance, precision, and better gaming experience.

At Fierce PC, we offer an extensive range of high-quality gaming accessories from Razer. We always ensure we source our products directly from the manufacturer to avoid counterfeits and provide our clients with the high-quality accessories they deserve.

Fast Delivery

Waiting for your new gaming accessories can be agonising especially when it takes longer than expected. At Fierce PC, we have a rapid shipping process that ensures you get all your orders quickly and in a timely manner. You don't have to worry about waiting longer than necessary for your order to arrive.

Helpful Customer Support

We go farther than making it easy for gamers to access an extensive collection of gaming accessories from Razer. We also want you to have an excellent and problem-free shopping experience. But we understand that sometimes, things might not go as planned. That is why we have a team of experienced customer support that will help you through any challenges that you might face while shopping on Fierce PC.

What Accessories do You Need for PC Gaming?

When it comes to gaming accessories, there is no limit to what you can add to improve your gaming experience. Sometimes, the variety is overwhelming, especially when you're setting up your first rig, and you have to balance your experience and your budget. Here are some great gaming accessories that can get you started.


Although you might not start as an online player, a good pair of headsets is a great way to capture the audio and effects of your game. It's advisable to go for a good quality pair of headsets from the beginning, so you don't have to upgrade it anytime soon.

Gaming Mouse and Keyboard

Gaming mice and keyboards offer more than their ordinary counterparts. They have more built-in features, and some come with lighting to give your gaming station a more dramatic look.

Gaming mice are perfect when you’re looking for precision and accuracy in your gaming. They are ergonomic and bring flair and performance.


For a well-rounded experience, you need a high-quality gaming monitor to bring all the details of your game to life. If you take the time to pick the right monitor, you won't have to make any changes in the near future. When making a choice, consider the resolution, refresh rate, and panel type of the monitor.