Palit GeForce RTX 4070 Ti 12GB JetStream Graphics Card

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  • Graphics Co-processor: NVIDIA
  • Brand: Palit
  • VRAM size: 12GB
  • Graphics RAM Type: GDDR6X
  • CUDA® Cores: 7680
  • GPU Boost Core Clock Speed: 2610 MHz
  • Video Output Interface: 1x HDMI, 3x DisplayPort
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Palit GeForce RTX 4070 Ti 12GB JetStream Graphics Card




GeForce RTX™ 4070 Ti JetStream





GeForce RTX™ 4070 Ti JetStream

  • Powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti GPU with NVIDIA Ampere architecture
  • Integrated with 12GB GDDR6X memory and 192-bit memory interface
  • Features 1x HDMI (2.1), 3x DisplayPort (1.4a) outputs
  • Core Clock: Boost 2610 MHz / Base 2310 MHz
  • Supports 3rd gen Ray Tracing Cores, 4th gen Tensor cores, CUDA Technology

Essential Design | Performance Focused
The GeForce RTX™ 4070 Ti JetStream fashioned in jet-black with geometric block patterns demonstrates a performance-focused design that remains the essences to achieve any gaming and media application. Its stealthy approach intends to suit users who prefer function over form, or fancy to keep their PCs in dark presence.Equipped with tailor-made thermal module, the all-new Gale Hunter Fan and Ultra-Wide Copper Base, the JetStream offers impeccable cooling and low-noise operation for gamers to jet through the challenges ahead.

Impeccable Cooling

Equipped with tailor-made thermal module, the all-new Gale Hunter Fan and Ultra-Wide Copper Base, the JetStream offers impeccable cooling and low-noise operation for gamers to jet through the challenges ahead.

Gale Hunter Fan

Winglet Fantail: With winglet on the fantail, the airflow will be concentrated and vortex effect can be avoided.

Gale Talon Fan Blades: The advanced Gale Talon design on the fan blades further brings the air to the thermal module in a smooth and stable pattern.

Ultra-Wide Copper Base

A large copper base processed with anti-oxidation technology is adhered with both the Palit NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 JetStream GPU and VRAM to effectively absorb heat.

Anti-Gravity Plate

Compact in size, strong in protection. The Anti-Gravity Plate with optimised size offers the strongest protection to the board, preventing the board from bending.

0-dB Tech

Keep Silent while you are experiencing the multimedia application and general workload. The operating fans only occurs while working on heavier loading.


Get smooth, tear-free gameplay at high refresh rates, plus HDR and more. This is the ultimate gaming display and the go-to equipment for enthusiast gamers.


Palit’s new ThunderMaster has thorough upgrade from the previous version. It has more user-friendly interface as well as more personalised settings. With ThunderMaster, you can control your video card from overclock setting, fan speed to LED effect. You can also monitor Palit NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti JetStream GPU status with ThunderMaster utility.

Ray Tracing
The Ada architecture unleashes the full glory of ray tracing, which simulates how light behaves in the real world. With the power of RTX 40 Series and third-gen RT Cores, you can experience incredibly detailed virtual worlds like never before.

DLSS is a revolutionary breakthrough in AI-powered graphics that massively boosts performance. Powered by the new fourth-gen Tensor Cores and Optical Flow Accelerator on GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs, DLSS 3 uses AI to create additional high-quality frames.

NVIDIA Reflex and GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs deliver the lowest latency and best responsiveness for the ultimate competitive advantage. Built to optimize and measure system latency, Reflex provides faster target acquisition, quicker reaction times, and the best aim precision for competitive games.

NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4070 Ti Series GPUs are beyond fast for gamers and creators.

They're powered by the ultra-efficient NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture which delivers a quantum leap in both performance and AI-powered graphics.

Experience lifelike virtual worlds with ray tracing and ultra-high FPS gaming with the lowest latency.

Discover revolutionary new ways to create and unprecedented workflow acceleration.

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Architecture

Ahead of its Time, Ahead of the Game


New Streaming Multiprocessors

Up to 2X performance and power efficiency

Fourth-Gen Tensor Cores

Up to 4X performance with DLSS 3
vs. brute-force rendering

Third-Gen RT Cores

Up to 2X ray tracing performance

The Ultimate Platform for Gamers and Creators

Powered by GeForce RTX 40 Series and DLSS 3


Cutting-Edge GPUs

NVIDIA Ada Lovelace Architecture

Realistic and Immersive Graphics

Dedicated Ray Tracing Cores

Built for Live Streaming

NVIDIA Encoder

AI-Enhanced Voice and Video

RTX Video Super Resolution and NVIDIA Broadcast

AI-Accelerated Performance


Game-Winning Responsiveness

NVIDIA Reflex low-latency platform

Fast-Track Your Creativity


Performance and Reliability

Game Ready and Studio Drivers

  • Graphics Processing
    GeForce RTX™ 4070 Ti
  • Boost Clock
    2610 MHz
  • CUDA® Cores
  • Memory Clock
  • Memory Size
    12 GB
  • Memory Type
  • Memory Bus
    192 bit
  • Card Bus
    PCI-E 4.0
  • Digital max resolution
  • Multi-view
  • Card size
    L=328.9 W=130.5 H=63.5 mm
  • PCB Form
  • DirectX
    12 Ultimate
  • OpenGL
  • Recommended PSU
  • Power Connectors
    16 pin*1
  • Output
    DisplayPort 1.4a *3
    HDMI 2.1a *1
  • Accessories
    Quick guide
    16-pin to 2 x 8-pin power cable


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