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Explore the World

Travel the world in amazing detail with over 37 thousand airports, 2 million cities, 1.5 billion buildings, real mountains, roads, trees, rivers, animals, traffic and more.

Earn Your Wings

Hone your pilot skills in a variety of aircraft from light planes to commercial jets with an experience that scales to your level with interactive and highlighted instrument guidance and checklists.

Test Your Skill

Fly day or night with live real-time weather including accurate wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, rain and lighting.

Recommended Standard Systems

These Systems are recommended to handle Microsoft Flight Simulator at 1080p with great performance results

Recommended Mid-Tier Performance Systems

These Systems are recommended to handle Microsoft Flight Simulator at 1440p with great performance results

Recommended Ultra High-End Systems

These Systems are recommended to handle Microsoft Flight Simulator at 4K with great performance results

The selected pre-configured systems above are recommended for gameplay and any guarantee of actual performance is neither implied or stated. Game not supplied. Fierce PC does not have any association with Flight Simulator and all images are purely for representational purposes only.



Microsoft Flight Simulator is a flight simulation video game developed by Asobo Studio and published by Xbox Game Studios. It is an entry in the Microsoft Flight Simulator series which began in 1982 and was preceded by Microsoft Flight Simulator X in 2006. The game is a return of the series after 14 years, with development beginning six years prior to its release.

Flight Simulator simulates the topography of the Earth using data from Bing Maps. Microsoft Azure's artificial intelligence (AI) generates the three-dimensional representations of Earth's features, using its cloud computing to render and enhance visuals, and real-world data to generate real-time weather and effects. Flight Simulator has a physics engine to provide realistic flight control surfaces, with over 1,000 simulated surfaces, as well as realistic wind modelled over hills and mountains. Some places are handcrafted, introduced in region-specific updates. To augment its realism, the Azure AI incorporates real-time elements like natural weather and real-world air traffic.



Minimum System Requirements:


Intel i5-4460 | AMD Ryzen 3 1200


NVIDIA GTX 770 | AMD Radeon RX 570, 2 GB VRAM




Version 11


Windows 10, 64-bit


150 GB available space


5 Mbps

Recommended System Requirements:


Intel i5-8400 | AMD Ryzen 5 1500X


NVIDIA GTX 970 | AMD Radeon RX 590, 4 GB VRAM




Version 11


Windows 10, 64-bit


150 GB available space


20 Mbps


Microsoft Flight Simulator can be of the most demanding games on PC, so a powerful processor and graphics card is paramount to make sure that you have a seamless experience when taking to the skies.

When choosing a gaming PC specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator, there are several key factors to consider. Let’s dive into the details:



The processor, or CPU, is essentially the brain of your computer and plays a crucial role in running Microsoft Flight Simulator. The CPU handles all the calculations that aren’t related to graphics, such as physics simulations, controlling AI of the air traffic, weather systems, and more. A more powerful processor can handle these tasks more efficiently, leading to smoother gameplay.

Flight Simulator can utilize multiple cores. More cores can mean better multitasking and improved performance, as the workload can be distributed across them.

High-performance CPUs can ALSO generate a lot of heat, especially when running demanding applications like Flight Simulator. Effective cooling is necessary to maintain performance and prevent thermal throttling.

In summary, for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you want a CPU that has a good balance of core count and clock speed, works well with your GPU, and has efficient heat management to handle the game’s demanding simulation tasks. This will ensure a more immersive and enjoyable flight sim experience.



A good PC graphics card is essential for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The game is known for its stunning visuals and detailed landscapes, which require a powerful graphics card to render effectively. The GPU is responsible for rendering the complex and detailed graphics of the game. This includes the aircraft models, terrain, buildings, water effects, and weather systems.

A more powerful GPU will allow you to experience the game with higher resolution and better frame rates, enhancing the overall experience. Additionally, sufficient VRAM is crucial for storing the textures and data needed for rendering the game’s detailed environments.

For the best experience, aim for the recommended or ideal specifications, as they will provide a more fluid and visually impressive gaming session. Remember, the more powerful your graphics card, the more you’ll be able to enjoy the game’s beautiful and realistic scenery.



For Microsoft Flight Simulator, both 16GB and 32GB of RAM can work, but the choice depends on the level of performance you’re aiming for.

16GB of RAM is the recommended amount and can handle the game well under normal conditions. It’s sufficient for a good gaming experience, especially if you’re playing at standard resolutions and settings.

32GB of RAM, on the other hand, provides more headroom for the game to run smoothly, particularly in more demanding scenarios or higher settings. It can help reduce stutters and frame drops, which is beneficial for a simulation game where smoothness is key.

Video comparisons and user experiences suggest that while 16GB may be adequate, upgrading to 32GB can improve performance, especially in terms of reducing micro stutters and ensuring a smoother experience when flying close to the ground or in densely populated areas.

In summary, if you’re looking for the best possible experience and want to future-proof your setup, going for 32GB of RAM would be the better choice. However, if you’re on a budget or don’t require the highest settings, 16GB should serve you well.



Using an SSD (Solid State Drive) for Microsoft Flight Simulator can significantly enhance your gaming experience. SSDs have much faster read and write speeds compared to traditional HDDs (Hard Disk Drives). This means quicker load times for the game, which can be quite lengthy with an HDD.

An SSD can reduce stutters and microstutters during gameplay. This is because the game frequently loads data such as textures and scenery, which an SSD can deliver more rapidly.

SSDs are less prone to physical damage since they have no moving parts, making them more reliable for a game that requires frequent data access.

With the OS and Flight Simulator installed on an SSD, you’ll likely see a smoother performance not just in the game but in general computer use.

While it’s possible to run the game on an HDD, for the best experience, especially if you’re using add-ons or high-quality settings, an SSD is highly recommended. If you’re considering an upgrade, an NVMe SSD would be ideal due to its even higher speeds compared to a SATA SSD.



For Microsoft Flight Simulator, a stable internet connection is indeed important, especially since the game streams high-quality satellite data and live weather in real time.

As Microsoft Flight Simulator makes use of real-world data, so a stable Internet Connection is necessary, with 5Mbps bandwidth is required to ensure streaming of satellite imagery.

Minimum Required Bandwidth: 5Mbps

Recommended for Optimal Experience: 20Mbps

Ideal for Ultra Settings: 50Mbps

These speeds help ensure smooth streaming of satellite imagery and other data, enhancing the overall realism of the simulation experience. While you can play with the minimum required bandwidth, higher speeds will provide a better experience with less loading time and more detailed scenery.



For an immersive experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator, having dedicated flight controls can greatly enhance your gameplay. While it’s possible to play with a keyboard and mouse, or even a standard game controller, flight controls like joysticks, yokes, and throttle quadrants can provide a more realistic and enjoyable experience.

A good joystick can simulate the feel of an aircraft’s control stick, offering precision and a range of buttons for various functions.

For those who prefer the feel of a commercial airliner or general aviation aircraft, a yoke can replicate the control wheel found in these cockpits.

A "Hands On Throttle and Stick" setup includes a throttle to control power settings and a stick for flight control, mirroring what you’d find in a fighter jet.

A VR headset can put you right inside the cockpit, offering a 360-degree view of your surroundings.

It’s worth noting that the best flight controllers for Microsoft Flight Simulator can fit any budget, whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned flight sim enthusiast1. You can find a range of options from basic to high-end models that offer various features and levels of realism.


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If you’re not very sure of what will work best, our team of experts are at hand to assist you with that.



When buying any gaming PC, components are at the top of your priorities. PC components are the engine that drives the PC. To ensure Microsoft Flight Simulator gamers get the best out of their PC and their budget, all our components are of high quality and from leading brands that have built a reputation for being reliable and long-lasting. These include Intel, Nvidia, Asus and AMD, among others.

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The best Microsoft Flight Simulator gaming PC is not easy to put together. You need a partner with gaming and PC experience to advise you and point you in the right direction. Your preferred partner should be extremely knowledgeable and have links in the market that can get you the most recent components in the shortest time possible.

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