Laptops on Finance

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Are you a budding gamer looking to upgrade but finds the cost of buying a new gaming laptop expensive? Does your dream laptop always seem so close yet so far because of financial restraints? We have the perfect solution for you at Fierce PC and that is laptop finance.

Using our finance arrangement process, getting yourself a new gaming laptop and managing the costs is now easier.


Buy Now Pay Later Gaming Laptop

We know not all gamers can manage to pay upfront for their dream gaming laptop. With our buy now pay later arrangement, you only need to pay a small deposit and have the new laptop delivered to your doorstep.

To make it even easier to manage your finances, we extend a grace period for all buyers so you can have some time to enjoy the new laptop. After the grace period is over, you can continue settling for the laptop in manageable monthly instalments that can be spread up to three years depending on the cost of your selected laptop.

If at any point you feel you would like to settle the balance in one lump sum payment, we also have that avenue available.

Our laptop finance program is available for a small interest fee that is applied from the start of the agreement to the final settlement day.

Depending on your financial flexibility, you can choose a payment plan that gives you the most flexibility when paying for your new laptop.

24-Month Plan

Our 2-year finance plan runs for the full two-year term that starts on the day of the financial arrangement. Under this plan, you will be required to pay an initial 10% deposit. The monthly payments will vary depending on the interest rate per the agreement and also the cost of your selected laptop.

36-month Plan

The 36-month plan runs for three years and starts on the day of the finance arrangement. Like the 24-month plan, you will start by paying the deposit which is 10% of the price of your chosen laptop then proceed to make monthly payments inclusive of interest as indicated in the agreement.

Why Choose Our Gaming Laptop Finance Arrangement

Finance arrangement is great when you don’t have enough finances to buy your dream gaming laptop upfront. It can also work for gamers that might have the money but don’t want to deplete their savings when buying the laptop. There are numerous reasons why you should take advantage of our laptop finance program.

Get your dream laptop sooner

With our laptop finance program, you don’t have to wait for years to save up for your dream laptop. You can get it now and use the money you would save over the years to make monthly payments for the new laptops.

What’s more, once you have the laptop, you have a stronger urge to pay up for it and own it fully compared to when it is just an idea that is stuck in your head.

Unlock your earning potential

Buying the ideal gaming laptop can mean more than getting the much-coveted laptop. It can allow you to scale up your gaming experience and even start earning as a professional gamer.

You can unlock your earning potential using the new laptop and have it pay for itself as opposed to waiting for years to save up and buy it. If your gaming career has been limited by not having the right gaming equipment, using our laptop finance program can help you get over the hurdle and start making money sooner.

It makes financial sense

Even for gamers that have the money to buy their ultimate gaming laptop now, it makes more sense to buy the laptop on financing terms.

You only pay a small percentage as the deposit followed by manageable monthly instalments. Using this approach, you can leave your saving intact and build on them as you pay for the laptop compared to taking out your savings to buy the laptop outright.

Affordable interest rates

Our goal is to help gamers find the best gaming laptops. To facilitate this, we keep the interest rates low and they are spread out over the course of the payment for easy clearance. The interest rates depend on the payment period. Shorter payment periods attract a lower interest of below 15%. 

What Do I Need to Qualify for Laptop Financing?

We have set up minimal requirements that every buyer under our laptop financing should meet. These include:

  • You should be over 18 years of age.
  • You have a good credit score with existing account performance with other lenders.
  • You should have a balanced debt commitment.

To apply for laptop finance, simply click on financing on check out. We will then run a background check for your credit score and other supporting information before approving the application. When we approve the application, we will send you a credit agreement document that you can sign, pay the deposit and have the laptop delivered as you make the monthly payments.