i7 Laptops

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A Core i7 gaming laptop offers you a fine balance between performance and price. If you’re looking for an all-round workhorse that will not blow your budget out of the water, the Core i7 laptop is it.

We make it even better at Fierce PC by offering you various Core i7 laptops that are built to handle gaming demands from all the leading brands. With our extensive range, finding the right laptop to match your needs and preferences is easy and stress-free.


Why Buy Your i7 Laptop from Fierce PC?

One of the best decisions you can make when looking for a new gaming PC and laptop is buying it from Fierce PC. We have years of experience in the gaming niche and understand computers as well as we understand games.

Our experience allows us to build computers that are specific to gaming and reliable performance and experience for every gamer at every level. For your i7 gaming laptop, we have a diverse collection that you can choose from depending on your needs or wants.

Quality Components

Fierce PC has built its name and reputation by offering quality gaming solutions and hardware to all gamers regardless of your budget. We invest in finding the best parts and components for your gaming setup to ensure a flawless experience and longevity.

From the basics like the processor, GPU and RAM to the peripherals, all our components are sourced from leading brands like MSI, ASUS, Zotac and others. We ensure that your i7 gaming laptop features only the best brands in the world to provide excellent performance.

Powerful Performance

One of the most frustrating experiences in gaming has to be freezing. It happens when the laptop is not powerful to handle commands in time and in the worst-case scenario, it can make it difficult for you to advance in your game.

With our powerful i7 range of gaming laptops, you can bid farewell to lag and say hello to a freeze-free, ultra-fast performance that keeps on going for hours. We use the latest and most powerful technology in every range to give our laptops the best chance of providing the best performance.

Comprehensive Testing

With Fierce PC i7 gaming laptops, you don’t have to worry about any surprises. All our gaming rigs are thoroughly tested before shipping. If there are any problems, our technicians correct them ensuring that we deliver quality, game-ready laptops.

Expedited Shipping

We endeavour to provide all gamers with an excellent all-round shopping experience when buying their new PC. In addition to providing you with competitive prices for our quality gaming laptops, and variety, we have also set up an expedited shipping process that gets your new laptop delivered in record time.

We understand how agonising it can be to wait to try out your new laptop and we don’t want to put you through any of that. With us, you will have your laptop delivered straight to your doorstep in record time.

Why Purchase an i7 Gaming Laptop

There are various other classes of gaming laptops available in our collection but the i7 stands out for a variety of reasons.

Power-cost balance

A Core i5 gaming laptops are ideal for gamers that have a limited budget and are perfect for beginners. While they offer enough speed and power, they need regular upgrading to keep up with the demands of modern gaming.

The i7 range is a sweet spot. It balances between cost and power giving you an excellent experience, powerful performance and an outstanding visual experience without a premium price tag.

Core i7 processors offer higher clock speeds and superior rendering and are a substantial upgrade from the Core i5.

Excellent battery performance

Most gamers struggle with gaming laptops because the powerful processors drain the battery quickly. Despite its top of the line performance and visual display, the i7 laptops are not power-thirsty allowing you to run your games longer before you need to plug into a power source. For gamers who are on the road and are looking for a quick fix, the i7 gives you plenty of room to level-up and run a few other tasks.

Customise Your i7 Gaming PC

As a gamer, your identity is vital and choosing a laptop that reflects positively on your identity is a big deal. We try to design our laptop to fit various gaming identities. But if you don’t find the dream i7 laptop for you, you can custom-make your own using our Online Configurator.

We have thousands of components you can use to make your new laptop. Once you pick all the components, our technicians will get to work assembling and testing the laptop. Once it’s ready, we will have it delivered to you in record time.