i5 Laptops

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For gamers that are just starting to master the ropes of gaming or looking for an upgrade on a tight budget, i5 gaming laptops could be an ideal option for you. If you have a limited budget, i5 laptops offer enough power and performance to deliver a big punch on the gaming scene without blowing your budget out of the water.

We have an extensive collection of i5 laptops available from all the leading brands to suit your taste and preference.


Why You Should by an i5 Laptop

Core i5 gaming laptops are perfect if you’re testing your feet and don’t want to commit a significant budget to buy a gaming laptop, but at the same time, you don’t want to hold back too much that you get a laptop that compromises your gaming experience.

Our range of i5 laptops trends the line between affordability and performance with caution to ensure you get the best experience out of your new laptop.


Core i5 processors are not considered a high-end processor. As such they cost of purchasing a core i5 is more pocket friendly without compromising performance.

If you have to manage a tight budget but want a laptop that gives you the most bang for your money and is practical, the Core i5 is the best way to go especially for gamers.

By carefully pairing your i5 laptop with our extensive range of components that include a good GPU and RAM, you can squeeze out the best performance out of the processor.


Core i5 processors are not often considered as high-end. But that doesn’t mean they don’t put out a decent performance. The i5 processor is powerful enough to handle most modern games without freezing and also handles multitasking.

The i5 is a great starting point if you’re not familiar with gaming laptops. It is the perfect basis on which you can assess your future needs and adjust accordingly.

To provide you with the best gaming experience, we ensure our i5 laptops are paired with the best components to make the most out of the processor and delivery the ultimate performance.

We have an extensive range of core i5 gaming laptops assembled and designed to the taste of various gamers.

Why Buy Your i5 Laptop from Fierce PC?

As a budding gamer, you need an experienced gaming laptop maker that will provide you with all the right gaming tools and guarantee top of the line quality. That is what we are about at Fierce PC.

With our experience, we understand what gamers are looking for and most importantly, what makes a gaming laptop great.

Quality Components

Our commitment to all gamers is to always deliver the best quality laptops and computers at all levels and for all budgets. We use the best quality components from the most reputable gaming and technology brands from all over the world guarantee longevity and smooth experience when using any of our laptops

To deliver on our high standards of quality, we rely on the best quality GPU, RAM and processors. Our quality also extends to the quality of peripherals you can get from.

Powerful Performance

With Fierce PC, your budget doesn’t matter. We design our laptops and gaming PCs to be the most powerful in their class.

We find the newest components and the latest technology for our builds for ultra-fast speeds and unique experience with every laptop.

If you’re worried about freezing with your new i5 laptop, our range of Fierce PC options promises excellent delivery with a freeze-free performance.

Customise Your i5 Laptop

Our technicians and designs are always hard at work trying to come up with the trendiest laptop designs suitable for gamers. But we understand that every gamer is looking for something different. If you can’t find the kind of i5 laptop you want, you can use our Online Configurator and the thousands of components we offer to design your laptop from scratch and our technicians will help assemble it for you.

Tried and Tested

With Fierce PC i5 laptops, you shouldn’t expect any surprises. All our laptops are tried and tested by our technicians before delivery to guarantee that they work as they should and offer the best performance from the moment you remove the computer from its packaging.


All our laptops come with a return-to-base warranty of 3 to 5 years depending on the brand of the laptop. Our warranty is proof that we are not only chest-thumping with regards to the quality and longevity of our laptops.

In case your new laptop runs into any problems within the warranty period, our technicians will work on repairing it or replacing it for you.

Expedited Shipping

We know that every gamer deserves a quality gaming rig that is reliable and offers excellent performance. We also know that no gamer deserves to wait longer than necessary to get that kind of rig once they buy it. That is why we have an expedited shipping process that will get your new i5 laptop delivered to your doorstep in record time.