Ultimate Gaming PCs

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Every gamer dreams of owning the ultimate gaming PC. At Fierce PC, we dream of providing every gamer with the ultimate gaming PC. To help you achieve your dream and ours, we have a broad range of gaming PCs that have been carefully built to crave your hunger providing you with the best gaming experience possible.


While putting together the ultimate gaming PC, we consider every aspect of gaming, including specs, to ensure we give you a gaming pc that runs flawlessly.

If you’re the type of gamer that likes to get their hands on everything, we have something for you too!

With Fierce PC, you can build the ultimate gaming PC inspired by your experience. We have made the process easy and effective with the help of our online configurator which you can use to pick the best components for your new PC.

Buy the Ultimate Gaming PC with Fierce PC

Keeping up with modern PC gaming requires immense processing power. At Fierce PC, we know how critical it is to have a fast PC that provides an experience without freezing. We believe these are the first steps to building the ultimate gaming PC.

Wide Range of Components

We have an extensive range of components from all the leading brands that we use to make our gaming PCs. We have the most powerful graphics cards and ultra-fast processors to guarantee impressive performance from your new PC.

You can also choose from a variety of add-ons we offer to give your new PC an edge and a touch of your creativity. Our range of PC add-ons also ensures that your gaming is not only the best but matches your style and gaming needs.

Fast Shipping

Before shipping out the PC of your choice, we test it thoroughly to make sure it can offer the expected experience and that all the parts work as expected.

At Fierce PC, we believe getting the ultimate gaming PC shouldn’t blow holes in your budget. With us, the ultimate gaming PC is about getting the best possible gaming PC at any budget. Our range of top performance PCs starts as low as £300.

Customise Your Ultimate Gaming PC with Fierce PC

Some gamers have a unique taste and creativity.  We encourage this by letting you build and put together your own version of an ultimate gaming PC. We have all the components and casings to help you bring your wild and unique ideas to life.

With the help of our online PC configurator, you can choose all the components you want on your new gaming pc and to give it that ultimate PC appeal, you can also select the casing and look you want for your PC.

Once you pick all your preferred components, we will have a team of technicians put the PC together for you and test it before shipping it out to you.

To guarantee the best performance and quality, we offer a 3-year return to base warranty for all our PCs. We also offer fast delivery so you can get your hands on your new creation sooner and test it out yourself!

Powerful Components

The difference between an ultimate gaming PC and other PCs is the processing power, graphics, and RAM. With an ultimate gaming PC from Fierce PC, you're assured of the best quality and most powerful components to guarantee a pristine gaming experience.

Our ultimate gaming PCs will easily keep up with any gaming demands. If at any point, you want to upgrade and improve your experience, our PCs are easy to upgrade, and we are always updating our product catalogue to feature the newest, fastest and most powerful components.

You can also make a bespoke ultimate gaming PC using our online PC configurator. Through the configurator, you can choose from an extensive collection of quality components to build a gaming PC that delivers the ultimate gaming experience for you.

Tried and Tested PCs

With an ultimate gaming PC, the expectations are over the moon, and we understand that. That is why we make sure all our PC leave our base after going through rigorous trying and testing before shipping them out to you.

Among other things, we check the performance of the gaming rigs, the components and general aesthetics. Once the PC passes the round of testing, we are sure it can provide you with excellent service for a long time. In case you run into any problems, our free return-to-base warranty ensures we have it repaired or replaced at no cost on your part.

Fast Shipping

With Fierce PC, you get your new gaming PC in record time. We test and try the PC and then expedite the shipping to make sure you get your new rig in the shortest time possible.

Ultimate PCs for All Budgets

Whether you're looking for a premium gaming PC or looking for a great experience on a budget, we have the ultimate gaming PC to match your budget. Our goal is for you to find a PC that gives you the best experience without blowing your finances out of the water.

Choose from a comprehensive range of gaming PC built to suit the needs and budgets of different gamers. We also have a variety of peripherals that you can use to enhance your gaming further and improve your experience.

Ultimate Gaming PC FAQs

What is the ultimate gaming PC?

At Fierce PC, it is our dream and mission for gamers to have the gaming rigs of their dreams. Our Ultimate Gaming PCs category features PCs designed with the needs of various gamers in mind. It is our little way of giving gamers a slight piece of heaven, right here on earth.

Do the ultimate gaming PCs come prebuilt?

We have ultimate gaming PCs that come prebuilt and pre-tested by our team of engineers. We also have an option for gamers to exercise their creativity by building their own PCs from scratch.

Should I build or buy my ultimate gaming PC?

Both are great options. What matters is what you want. Building your own PC allows you to customise it to your preferences and tailor it to your needs. On the other hand, choosing one from our prebuilt options saves you time and ensures you get a PC with components selected by our expert team so there are chances it will work better.

What tools do I need to build my own PC?

You don’t need any tools to build your ultimate gaming PC. We provide you with a list of all the components in the market and a unique software we like to call the Online PC configurator. All you have to do is pick the components for your PC and our team of technicians will assemble the PC and test it for you.

What brands of ultimate gaming PCs do you have?

We have multiple brands in stock. Each of the PCs is made from components, accessories and peripherals from leading brands ensuring you get the best performance and gaming experience regardless of the gaming PC brand you choose.

How soon can I get my new PC?

after placing the order, it takes between 7-10 working days to complete assembling the PC and testing it. We can then ship it for delivery on the next working day.

How much do you charge for shipping?

We offer free shipping on all orders within the UK. Additional charges may apply if you live in our other shipping destinations like the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, France, or Germany among others.

What payment options do you offer?

We accept all major cards include Visa and Mastercard. We also accept debit cards and online payment methods like Amazon Pay and PayPal.

Do you have any financing options?

We understand some gamers might want to fast track getting their ultimate gaming PC but don’t have the finances at the moment. We have partnered with Hitachi to provide you with affordable financing options that allow you to enjoy a new gaming rig while you pay for the PC in affordable instalments.

Are the ultimate gaming PCs covered by a warranty?

We provide a comprehensive 3-5-year warranty for all our gaming PCs, including the ultimate gaming PCs. If you have any problems with the PC within the warranty period, we will repair or replace the PC.