Gaming Laptops Under 500

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Getting a gaming laptop for under £500 sounds like a stretch. But not with Fierce PC. We have a wide collection of excellent gaming laptops under £500. With this range, you can bring your gaming action with you no matter where life takes you.

Our gaming laptops are designed to fit astounding processing power and speed in a small and portable frame that doesn’t dry your finances. With the carefully designed gaming laptops, you can enjoy desktop-like performance on-the-go!


Our laptops under £500 range is proof that gaming doesn’t have to be expensive unless you’re going for the top of the line high-end gaming rigs. This affordable range of gaming laptops is perfect for beginners or gamers that are running a lean operation and don’t need expensive equipment.

Buy Your Gaming Laptop Under £500 from Fierce PC

Just because you’re on a lean budget doesn’t mean to you have to settle for a substandard gaming laptop. Fierce PC has a variety of high-quality gaming laptops that will give you value for your money and the best performance for your budget. With us, you can experience the thrill and excitement of gaming even on a tight budget.

Quality Components

We pride ourselves in providing gamers with affordable, high-quality gaming hardware that lasts and offers an excellent experience. This extends to our budget options including our gaming laptops.

We are keen on the components we use. Only the best and leading brands make it to our laptops and we incorporate the latest parts and technology. Although you’re going for a budget gaming PC, we give you the best chance of experiencing premium performance with your new gaming laptop.

Powerful Performance

We have been making gaming computers for many years and we know what makes them tick. In an era where gaming is increasingly demanding more resources, our laptops are the perfect solution. We use high-performance components to save you the frustration that comes with freezing and poor quality graphics.

You can experience the performance of the latest AMD processors, GPUs and RAM working together to help you slay enemies, overrun empires and slay any army that stands in your way.

At Fierce PC, we believe in providing you with the most value for your money packing as much power as possible with every pound. You will be surprised by how efficient, powerful and fast our range of gaming laptops under £500 are.

Fully Tested Gaming Laptops

We are a brand firmly grounded on consistency and reliability. In line with these practices, every gaming rig and laptop that leaves our assembly line has to be thoroughly tested before shipping to prevent any unwanted surprised to our clients.

We check every component and connection and run the laptops aggressively to pick out any potential problem. The goal is to deliver a laptop that is game-ready and can keep up with your needs and those of gaming.

Warranty Backed

It is the norm for every gaming laptop from Fierce to come with a return-to-base warranty. We want you to know that you’re buying your laptop from the right supplier by offering you up to five years of warranty depending on the brand of the laptop.

In case your new laptop malfunctions, we will have it repaired or replaced for you. It is the peace of mind that most gamers dream of when buying new gaming hardware.

Can’t find the gaming laptop that you’re looking for? No worries. We have thousands of PC components and an Online PC Configurator that you can use to create your own gaming laptop. Once you pick your preferred components, our team of experts will start assembling the laptop and test it within 48 hours then ship it out to you.

Why Choose Fierce PC?

Here are a few reasons why choosing to buy your new gaming laptop under £500 is the best decision you can make:


We are among the most experienced online gaming computer shops in the UK. Our understanding of gaming and gaming rigs ensures we don’t build average machines, but we come up with laptops designed to keep up with the demands and trends of gaming.


We have an expansive collection of gaming laptops under £500 available. Our diversity is driven by the fact that gamers have a unique taste. Our expansive collection ensures every gamer is well taken care of. For those that are looking for special setups, we have the Online Configurator to help them build a gaming PC that inspires them.

Quality guarantee

When it comes to quality, we don’t compromise. We only deal with the best and most reputable brands and use the latest technology when choosing the processors. This is why even our budget gaming laptops offer excellent performance and speed compared to other options within the same price range in the market.