Corsair Headsets

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The extra punch and enhanced experience that sound adds to gaming is often underestimated. With a good pair of headsets, you can bring your gaming experience to life without affecting other people in the same house as you.

Corsair has been making gaming equipment for a while now, and the brand has a range of gaming headsets that will grab the attention of any serious gaming. Whether you're looking for design, performance, or both, you can find something that suits your preference in their extensive collection.

If you're seriously considering buying a pair of gaming headphones or replacing your current set, Fierce PC has what you need. Even with sound, gamers are highly specific, and at Fierce PC, we understand this better than anyone else. That is why we have a broad range of options to make it easy for gamers to find what they are looking for.


Buy Your Gaming Headsets from Fierce PC

Considering the importance of good quality sound to your gaming experience, you shouldn't take any chances when buying new headsets. Having a reliable supplier who understands the value of quality headsets is critical.

At Fierce PC, we have all the best quality and high-performance headsets from Corsair. The headsets come in different designs and specs to suit different gaming requirements and gamers' preferences. With us, you're assured of getting the most value for your money while enjoying an excellent gaming experience and long-lasting gaming headsets.

High-quality headsets are also a much-needed accessory for streamers. They not only enhance the gaming experience but make communication with your virtual teams easier with a variety of built-in features like a microphone.

What to Consider When Buying Gaming Headsets

Whether you're buying a replacement pair of headsets or your first pair, you want to get it right and buy headsets that give you value for your money. While Corsair has a variety of options, they are not built the same.

Other than headsets being different, a pair that works for one gamer might not work for another one. This emphasizes the need to get a pair that works for you.

Wired the wireless

Before jumping into the features and other details, you need to figure whether you want wired or wireless headsets. Both have their own upsides and downsides.

Wired options don’t need to be charged so you can have them on at all times. Wired headsets will cost you more but also feature more advanced technology with flexibility in terms of movement. The downside is that the headsets have to be charged, which can mean pausing the game.

Surround sound

Surround sound headsets have drivers installed in each earpad. This might reflect on the cost, but it's a price you will be happy to pay. In surround sound headphones, you can hear the sound at different angles, and the effect is mind-blowing and give you an advantage in games like Call of Duty since you can tell which direction enemy fire is coming from.


Most headsets come with a unidirectional microphone for effective communication if you're playing multiple player modes online. However, few varieties come with omnidirectional mics, which picks up sounds from all the directions, which is not advisable.


You don’t realise you need the headsets to be comfortable until you have them. Most gamers can be at the gaming station for hours at go. Having a comfortable set of headphones that sits comfortably around the ears will save you the pain and discomfort that comes with having the headsets on for too long.

To judge how comfortable the pair is, look at the design and the materials used around the ear cups. The headband should also be snug but not too tight.