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Intel Core i7 14700K | NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti Super | DDR4 Custom Gaming PC


  • Intel Core i7 14700K 20-Core Processor
  • NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti Super 16GB Graphics Card
  • 32GB 3600MHz DDR4 Memory
  • 2TB NVMe M.2 Solid State Drive
Now £2,299.95
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Custom Built Gaming Computers

Want a gaming computer made your way? Look no further. Our range of fully customisable gaming PCs are FULL of options. Feel free to configure your custom PC in the knowledge you're able to choose the exact components you want for a truly unique, custom PC to you. Choose your motherboard, case, graphics, RAM, power supply, the list goes on! And if you can't find what you're looking for, we're always on hand to offer advice on the perfect build for you. Just contact us!


Customising gaming PCs is an unspoken tradition among gamers. It’s a great way to tune the PC to your performance demands while giving the PC your own touch. The performance part is often easy because we have all the parts you need and all you have to do is pick the ones that you feel will deliver best on your performance needs.

Customising the look of the PC is often a little more challenging for most gamers. Here are some great tips on how to add a customised look to your gaming PC.

Buy Your Custom Built Gaming PC with Fierce

21st-century games require immense processing power. To maximise the player experience, it's inevitable that you choose a gaming PC that is tuned to meet the hefty demands of such games. Having the best graphics cards and processors should be at the top of your mind.

At Fierce PC, you can design your own computer. We give you the opportunity to add what makes more sense for you and your budget. With the help of our online PC Configurator, you can bring your own customised gaming PC to life.

We have dozens of add-ons and options you can choose from. You have full freedom of creativity to come up with a PC suited to your gaming style and needs. What's more, we don't make you wait for your new creation. Within two days after you pick the components and add-ons of your PC, our experts will build it and test it for you.

Completed and tested PCs will be shipped directly to you. Should your PC take longer because of complexity, we will let you know.

We have customised gaming PCs for all budgets. We have PCs for as low as £300. For customers that have a more flexible budget, we have incredible high-end PCs that you can have a look at. Whether you’re going for budget options or top of the line gaming PCs, one thing is certain. We never compromise on quality.

We use the best components, add-ons and peripherals and we offer a three-year return to base warranty with all our PCs so you can rest easy.

We Have Only The Best!

Gaming PC components become obsolete very fast. For the best experience, you have to keep them updated. For an excellent experience, you need to upgrade the motherboard, graphics card, processor and RAM. If you’re looking for a competitive advantage, your focus should be on improving the peripherals.

We know that Gaming PCs are as different as the players who use them. So, we stock a wide range of quality components and peripherals that will take the performance of the PC and your gaming to the next level!

Powerful Components

Components determine the performance of your PC. For a great gaming experience, you shouldn't scale on the parts. At Fierce PC, we stock some of the most powerful components from reputable brands for the best performance.

If at any point you want to get a newer and more powerful component, with us, the upgrade is flawless. You can always match up the demands of the upcoming games with our range of powerful and quality components.

What To Consider When Buying?


If you have to focus your budget on anything, you should always prioritise processors. They determine the speed and functionality of the PC. They decide if you will have endless gaming hours or hanging around and waiting will be the order of the day. You should always make a splash on the processors.

Graphics Cards

After you have the engine of your Gaming PC working, next, you have to work on the visuals which are driven by the graphics cards. With the right cards, you make the dream of living in a virtual world a reality. Our line of graphics cards is from leading manufacturers like MSI, Zotac and Asus.


With your processors and graphics cards in play, now you need space to get the games to play smoothly. With the right amount of memory, you can enjoy flawless and freeze-free playing.

Additional Upgrades

The performance of the PC is nailed down. You can now shift the focus to your comfort courtesy of the peripherals.

PC Cases

These give you an opportunity to flex your creativity muscles. You can choose from a wide range of designs and finishes depending on your preference. In addition to the look, cases also keep the machine cool so you can play for longer hours without frying the components.


Choosing a great graphics card without an exceptional monitor to bring the visuals to life is pointless. Pick from our range of HD, 1440p, 1080p and 4K monitors depending on your budget and experience. We guarantee crystal clear images. For advanced players, a triple monitor experience can revolutionise your gaming experience.

Gaming Chairs

Keep yourself comfortable and your back free from aches with an ergonomic gaming chair. The hours of gaming can take a toll on your back-bone without proper posture. A good gaming chair can save you from this and other problems that come with sitting for many hours.

External Storage

Just like you, your external PC never stops growing. You're continually adding mods and updating gaming settings. Internal gaming PC storage is shorthanded and without expansion, the PC will start freezing. Invest in external storage for all your updates and mods.


For a well-rounded experience, invest in a set of high-quality gaming speakers, headsets or headphones. A great audio and visual set up takes you from the comfort of your gaming chair and throws you in the middle of the action.

There’s are a lot of benefits that come with building custom gaming PCs. With our help, we make the process easy, fast and flawless. We help you bring your own gaming machines to life inspired by your creativity and built to last by our team of experts.

RGB Lighting

Lighting is a critical part of gaming PCs and you can play around with it to give your PC a look that is unique to you. RGB lighting not only opens you up to a world of creativity but is also a cheap and effective way to alter the look of your PC.

The RGB lighting is not limited to the PC casing only. It extends to keyboards, fans, cables, mice, and even strips that you can have around your gaming station.

Lighting up the inside of the case is one way to expose the engineering while giving the PC a look that is unique to you.

Custom Cables

Custom cabling is becoming something that everyone is trying out. Custom cables have come along way and are more accessible than they were in the past.

There are tons of cable companies that you can try out when you’re looking for custom cables. No matter which way you go, custom cables are one of the ways to make your PC feel really custom and inspired by your creativity.

The aesthetic touches might not add to the performance but they increase your appreciation of the new rig and comfort.

Customised Gaming PCs for all Gamers

By customising your gaming PC, we give you the chance to choose which components and brands you want to go into your gaming PC. You have the freedom to choose from a vast collection of components to suit your budget.

Our online PC configurator makes the task at hand easier by giving you access to our full range of components. Setting up your new customised PC will only take a few minutes. Whether you’re on a budget or a high-end budget, we have the components that will allow you to enjoy the best gaming experience within your budget.

Tried and Tested

Before shipping your customised gaming PC, we have to be sure the PC is fully functional and meets our high standards.

After choosing the components you want for your customised gaming PC, our team of experts will assemble the PC and start testing within 48 hours.

Our technicians will test all the aspects of the PC to make sure it can handle the demands that come with long hours of gaming and provide you with the best experience possible.

Fast Delivery

After the assembly and testing of the customised gaming PC, we ship it to you. With our Fierce PC, you don’t have to hold on to your horses much longer to try out your new creation.

We work round the clock to make sure all orders get to their owners in the shortest time possible. To help with this, we have strict deadlines that we follow.

For all customised gaming PC, we start the build and testing phasing 48 hours after you place your order and finish picking your components.

Customisable Gaming PC FAQs

What is a custom gaming PC?

Custom gaming PCs are perfect for adept gamers who want the PC to have a touch of their creativity and artistry. When making a custom gaming PC, you pick all the parts you want for the PC, including the case and cooling system. This way, you get a PC that serves your needs and has the perfect aesthetics for you.

Are custom PCs cheaper?

That depends on the custom PC you’re building. However, in most cases, a custom PC might cost less than a pre-built PC with the same specs. Custom-built PCs don't go through the compatibility tests that pre-built options go through, among other logistics that factor in the price.

What should I consider when buying a customised PC?

Building the best custom PC requires that you fully understand the needs at hand. For gaming purposes, the processor, the GPU, RAM and cooling are the most critical components. These will give you the best performance. But the case should also factor in when you're going for aesthetics.

Are customised PCs cheaper than pre-built PCs?

On average, yes, a customised PC might cost less than a pre-built PC.

What do I need to build a customised gaming PC?

Fierce PC has simplified the process of building a customised PC. All you need is a good grasp of PC components. We have the software you can use to pick the components you want for the PC, and we can take it from there.

Are customised gaming PCs tested?

Yes, all our customised gaming PCs are tested by our team of engineers after assembly to ensure the components are compatible and the PC works without any hitches.

How long does it take to make a customised gaming PC?

That depends on the components you select. If you pick components that are readily available, the PC should be ready in a few working days. The entire process can take anywhere between 7-10 working days

Can I get the PC sooner?

You can use one of our shipping options during checkout to fast-track the PC's progress in our assembly line and get the PC earlier.

How much do you charge for shipping?

We don’t charge shipping fees for deliveries within the UK. Additional shipping fees might apply to other areas, including Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and the Channel Islands.  

Which countries do you ship to?

Other than the UK, we also ship to Germany, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Sweden, Spain and Austria. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major cards like Visa and Mastercard, and we also accept online payment options like PayPal and AmazonPay.

Do you offer financing for customised gaming PCs?

We have financing available courtesy of our partner, Hitachi. These financing options allow you to get your dream PC now and pay for it in small and manageable instalments.