Configure an Intel or AMD Gaming PC?

Before you start configuring your new PC, you need to decide if you want to configure an Intel system or an AMD system. This will determine which processors are available to you (the Intel i-series CPUs or the AMD Ryzen series CPUs) and what motherboards are available, as you will need different chipsets depending on your choice.

Both Intel and AMD do great processors for gaming at various price-points, so your choice will largely come down to personal preference, or if there is a specific CPU that you have in mind for your custom configured PC.

Whether you're team red or team blue, whatever gaming PC you choose, you'll be team Fierce!

Gives you the choice of Intel Core i5, i7 or i9 CPUs

Gives you the choice of Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7 or Ryzen 9 CPUs

Not sure what you need?

If you're not certain what you need for your custom configured gaming PC, check out our CPU buyers guide or contact our support team on 01706 214 233.

How does the PC configurator work?

We have aimed to make configuring your dream system as easy as possible. Within a few clicks, you tell us if you want an AMD or an Intel based system and what your budget is.


We use the information provided to suggest some system configurations that match your requirements and price-point. These systems can be added to your basket ready-configured, or you can use the 'configure and buy' button to start customising the various elements of your system. Change your case, CPU, motherboard, cooler etc. 

However you want to customise your new system, our configurator makes it super simple!


Our configurator uses a simple drop-down menu to quickly change the components in your PC. Each component indicates the difference in price from the base specification and the summary price will dynamically change so you can chop and change whilst keeping an eye on your budget.


Not sure what a component does? 

Choose it in the drop down menu and click the '?' to the right of the drop-down. You will see a window which gives you plenty of information so you can make informed decisions. 


With our custom PC configurator, you don't need to worry that you'll select components that won't work together. We've made it so all selectable options are going to give you a great system, and if, for example, you need to up your power supply to select a certain graphics card, our configurator will tell you that!