Cooler Master Cases

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Cases are the unsung heroes of gaming. Known best for their aesthetic appeal, cases also play a significant role in keeping the processors and other components cool for long gaming hours. When choosing a case, it’s important to pick one that not only looks the part but also works great.

Cooler Master has some impressive options that gamers will find impressive. The variety of options is stunning. From simple and basic options for entry-level gaming rigs to high-end options that pull all the stops for the best looks and performance, you will be spoilt for choice if you’re looking for a new case for your gaming rig.

Fierce PC has all these varieties in stock ready for you to pick. Our collection of Cooler Master Cases includes budget-friendly cases all the way to high-end options with ODD.


Buy Your Cooler Master Cases from Fierce PC

Buying a PC case is not something you should take lightly. A good PC case not only translates to longer gaming hours but also a better performance of your components and durability of the hardware and processors.

At Fierce PC, we stock Cooler Master cases that not only have an interesting look and finish but will also prolong the life of your gaming rig and ensure proper cooling for the different parts.

With our broad range of cases, you can find one that works for your PC and your budget. Most of the cases come with options that have an ODD and alternative without the ODD to make it easier for you to find something within your budget range and one that matches your requirements.

You also get to choose from different finishes like Black, silver, steel, red, white and other colours depending on the model of the case.

What to Consider When Buying Gaming PC Cases

There are several factors that a gaming PC case determines. The budget and appeal are just a tip of the iceberg. To make sure you get the best case for your PC, there are several features and factors you should consider.


Gaming PC cases come in four sizes;

  • Full tower case – These cases can comfortably house standard ATX motherboards and also hold smaller form factors hardware.
  • Mid-tower cases – this is the most popular gaming PC case. It’s perfect for small size and offers enough space for all the internal components that most gamers need. These cases can support EATX form-factors as well.
  • Mini tower case – Not big enough to house all the internal but the case offers portability and compact sizes. The case can hold MATX form factor motherboards.
  • Mini-ITX case – Even though small, this case is popular because it balances power and reasonable portability. However, the case is severely limited in terms of space and only fits a mini ITX motherboard.


If you already have a gaming PC, the internals inside the case will determine the size of the case you can purchase. Internals like the motherboard and the lengths of the graphics card are among the features you need to consider.


Other than holding the internals in place, the case also cools the internal components like the processors. Great airflow is essential at keeping temperatures low to avoid overheating. If possible, go for a case with additional space to install fans.

Cooling systems

Go for a case with the necessary openings depending on the cooling system you have in place. Not all cases can accommodate cooling radiators of all sizes. That’s why you need to choose the case cautiously.

Aesthetics and Customisability

The design and lighting of the case are vital aspects to consider. You want a case that represents your playing style and preference. A case with proper cable management is also a plus.