Harvest Moon: One World

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Harvest Moon: One World is an upcoming game by Natsume for the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4. It is the fifth game to be created solely by Natsume.

The game was announced during a press release on May 12th, 2020 by Natsume. This was followed by box art on May 28th.

Harvest Moon is a series of games known for providing Idyllic and pretty gameplay for fans looking to find peace in farming and gentle romance with the Bachelors and Bachelorettes in each instalment of the game series.

"We are excited to finally reveal the first trailer for Harvest Moon: One World," said Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume. 

"Harvest Moon: One World is the biggest Harvest Moon in history, with so much variety and new elements. We know players will love the exciting new experience it will bring!"

Release Date

Harvest Moon: One World is scheduled to release on March 2, 2021 for Nintendo Switch and PS4.

The game will release in the UK and other regions on the 5th March 2021.

Plot and Gameplay

The Harvest Goddess has disappeared, and the world is stuck without crops. However, before the Harvest Goddess disappeared from this world, she imbued the Harvest Wisps with the knowledge of various seeds, thus ensuring the various fruits and vegetables of the world would not be lost forever. Using the power given to the Wisps, you'll unlock several different  seeds as you progress through the game.

You will travel around the world on your journey to find the Harvest Wisps, from riding Camels across the deserts of Pastilla, venturing into the snowy mountains of Salmiakki, and even see a volcano near the cosy mountain town of Lebkuchen.

  • Use your Expando-Farm to easily travel from one area to another!
  • Explore 5 unique and colourful areas: the sprawling grasslands of Calisson, the gorgeous beaches of Halo Halo, the searing desert heat of Pastilla, the cosy hills of Lebkuchen, and the snowy mountains of Salmiakki!

In the trailer we catch some of the gameplay featured in this New instalment of the Harvest Moon series, we know from this that romancing will return, with a new set of Bachelors and Bachelorettes to choose from! 

It also appears that a lot of the classic mechanics will return, specifically with the farming gameplay. We will also get a new Expand-O-Farm which will let you take your farm on your travels as a newer element of Harvest Moon: One World.

We'll have to wait a little longer before we learn more but thankfully it isn't that many weeks until the game releases!


Harvest Moon One World will only be playable on the Nintendo Switch and PS4!

It's unlikely to release on Xbox platforms or PC.

New Engine

As posted on the official Nintendo UK listing for Harvest Moon, One World is "features an all-new engine and graphics, creating a brand-new way of exploring Harvest Moon for seasoned players and new generations alike."

What this means for the game is unknown as of now, but we can assume there will be a complete overhaul of the graphics as opposed to the last Harvest Moon entry in 2017, and this may be relevant to the Expand-O-Farm mechanics we have seen via the trailer.

New Bachelors

  • Braden
  • Jamil
  • Kanoa
  • Sami
  • Tristan

New Bachelorettes

  • Ahina
  • Gabrielle
  • Kirsi
  • Laura
  • Malika


You can check it out on the Nintendo Store now and receive a free keyring!

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