On the surface, choosing between a gaming PC or a PS4 seems like an easy task. But, when you get down to it, you are easily overwhelmed by the multitude of factors you need to consider other than price. In this quick comparison, we will have a look at how the two gaming options stack up against each other and which of them provides a better gaming experience.


Let's start with the elephant in the room; the cost of either setup. It's the one the place where gaming PCs have constantly fallen behind not only to the PS4 but to all gaming consoles. As companies work to make consoles cheaper, the cost of having a decent gaming PC rig goes up.

Upfront, it’s more expensive to go for a gaming PC. There aren’t any signs that this will change given the painfully slow drop of prices.

If your initial budget is restricted, you might consider going for the PS4. It’s much more affordable and comes with all the components in place ready to plug in play. All you have to do is invest in a few peripherals.

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Better Upgrade Path

When the PS4 was first launched, it looked invincible. Most people thought it was the most powerful console ever made and it would last for years.

The only problem is, gaming console companies are now using the same upgrade strategy that PCs use. After the PS4, there was the PS4 Pro. It makes consoles bad upgrades because you can't actually upgrade them.

You have to buy the entire unit. If you want the specs of the PS4 Pro, you have to dispose of your PS4 and get the new hardware.

With Gaming PCs, you don’t have to worry about getting rid of your set up. You just crack open the CPU yank out the GPU and install a new and better version. The same case goes for other components like RAM.

This makes gaming PCs a more affordable option in the long run that is easier and cheaper to upgrade.

PS4 like other consoles has lost exclusivity

One of the biggest driving forces behind PS4 was the ability to play games that you can access on other platforms. Today, with Steam, you can play just about any game from Street Fighter to Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Exclusive games were one of the leading selling points of any console. Gaming companies would leverage on the craze and loyalty built by one of their games to move their consoles. PS4 and Xbox were notorious for this.

Now, you can play just about any game on any platform. That means, with a good gaming PC, you can enjoy games originally designed for PS4.

Also, the fact that Sony recently released PlayStation Now which is a subscription-based game streaming service on PC means they could be caving to the pressure and making their games more accessible on PC. It's another win for gaming PCs.

Get a piece of history

The best thing about gaming PCs is the ability to tap into the history of all PC games. A few weeks ago, Steam released a series of classic games from back in the day.

Whether you’re looking for a piece of the modern action or to rendezvous with history, once you have a gaming PC, all the heritage that spans back about 40 years is available to you.

PC gaming gives you unparalleled flexibility. However, this isn’t without a price. You have to install mods which can be intimidating and tedious, but the trouble is always worth the experience of playing some of the greatest games ever played.

Cost of games

When a new game is released on PC, the price falls faster and goes lower compared to PS4 and other consoles.

You can also take advantage of sales like the Vaunted Steam sales, GOG.com, Green Man Gaming, and Amazon, among other platforms that offer great offers for PC games.

With the competitive and affordable prices, you can amass an extensive library of games without poking holes into your finances.

You can also try out the free-to-play games if you don’t have the budget to spare. You have to forego some benefits but, with consoles, it’s practically impossible to hear of free-to-play games and the games cost more and the prices have minimal wiggle room.


For new gamers, using a mouse and a keyboard is not only easier but also more precise and more responsive than using a PS4 controller.

If you can’t resist the allure of using a PS4 console, worry not. It’s now easier than ever to connect the controller of your choice both wired and wireless to your PC.

PCs are Multi-purpose

A PS4 can’t do much other than gaming. With a gaming PC, you can still perform other tasks. Whether its typing, video or audio editing or even working on a few of your own games, your PC rig is up to the task to run other programs and tasks.

It's like sitting at a super-powered desk with a large screen and one meaty keyboard. If you get an idea on how to tackle that elusive level, you can just switch things up and give it a shot.

Bottom line

There’s much that PC gaming needs to overcome. But, other than the initial price (which PC gaming more than makes up in the long run) all other factors point to a gaming PC being a better option.

The ability to update components on demand, have access to past and current games and use the PC for other applications makes a gaming PC an appealing choice. What’s more, the PC keeps getting better with time!