Diablo 4's Season 4: “Loot Reborn” is set to launch on the 14th of May and is said to bring the most extensive gameplay update we've seen in any season so far. In this post, we’ll take you through the biggest updates and changes you can expect to see in this highly anticipated Season.


As you have probably guessed from the title, Blizzard have revealed that Season 4 brings major changes to its loot system as well as updates to its core game systems.

Arguably the most significant update in Season 4 is the complete overhaul of the game’s itemisation system. The new system is said to have taken on board feedback from the community and has eradicated a lot of the pain points of Diablo 4’s current itemisation system including how players interact and upgrade their items.

In the new system, there is a reduction in the number of affixes, however they will be more relevant and potent. Items will be simplified, and their customisation has been moved to the new crafting systems, Tempering and Masterworking where a blacksmith can customise and upgrade affixes.

The new season also introduces Greater Affixes which appear on Ancestral Legendary and Unique items. These are more powerful than regular affixes with a 1.5x multiplier on the affix's maximum roll.


The Pit of Artificers or “The Pit” is a brand-new endgame system in World Tier 4 with 200 levels of difficulty. Here, you must slay as many monsters as possible within the time limit to summon the final boss. If you manage to kill the boss in time, you will be rewarded with rare crafting materials to further Masterwork your items and unlock the next tier of The Pit.


Additionally, Season 4 brings a more intense Helltide available at all World Tiers. The Helltide now includes a new Threat Level which grows in danger and ambushes as you take on more enemies.

When players reach tier 3, they become ‘Hell-Marked’ and attract the attention of a Hellborn – “An immensely powerful agent of Hell”. Players that are able to defeat the Hellborn will collect the materials they need to take part in a brand-new Helltide activity, the Accursed Ritual. If players survive the accursed rituals, they will get a visit from the Blood Maiden which Blizzard acclaim to be the biggest challenge of Helltide.

This season players will also get the chance to fight alongside Iron Wolves which will enable them to acquire numerous Tempering Manuals.


This Season, a new boss, Andariel joins the ladder at the same tier as her brother Duriel with the same Uber Unique drop rate.

To fight Andariel, you must acquire summoning parts from the Beast in Ice and Lord Zir.

Due to the major updates and modifications made this Season, players who have had the opportunity to try out Season 4’s PTR claim it is like playing an entirely new game. If you would like to know more about all of this season's changes make sure to visit Blizzard's official announcement for a detailed rundown or check out the video below.


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