They say good things come in small packages, and nowhere is that more true than the world of small yet perfectly formed mini-PCs. Whether it’s a love of crisp 1080p, 60fps gaming or flawless media playback on your prized TV, mini-PCs provide all of the power and performance but none of the bulk and size of a standard PC tower.

With the shackles of restrictions that used to come with smaller setups now firmly cast aside, mini Gaming PCs provide everything you need in one neat little box that’ll sit perfectly in your media centre or bedroom without getting in the way – you might even forget it’s there.

Fantastic Compact Builds Designed With Gaming In Mind

One thing that has held compact mini-PCs from successfully conquering the gaming world in the past has been a lack of parts suitable for smaller motherboards and cases, issues with cooling (particularly when overclocking) and overall cost – but that’s something that has all but disappeared in recent years.

Advances in liquid cooling methods, efficient yet small graphics cards, plummeting SSD prices and overall power efficiency of systems (leading to lower operating temperatures) have allowed the market to flourish, and here at Fierce PC we stock a number of fantastic products to help you build your own mini-PC or just get going right out the box.

Our flagship build here at Fierce PC is the Prodigy GT Gaming PC. Having been reviewed by several technology websites, to much critical acclaim, this fully customisable mini gaming PC is the benchmark against which all other competitors should be measured. Featuring an i5 3570K overclocked to a whopping 4.2GHz, a GTX 670, 240GB SSD, 1TB HDD and integrated liquid cooling system as standard, the Prodigy GT will give many full-sized setups a run for their money without even factoring in the scope available for upgrades.

Even then, we give gaming fanatics the options to beef this build up even further with more powerful power supplies, processors, graphics cards and larger storage all available if you’re willing to splash out a bit extra.

Small, Perfectly Formed Setups For Film Fanatics

Gamers require different setups than media enthusiasts, and the same is true vice-versa – different components make sacrifices to improve performance in areas that are important to their target market, be that gamers, graphical designers or those that really want a dedicated media machine.

The Node Infinity is our custom build based on the Fractal Design Node mini-ITX case, with plenty of media-capable power under its tiny hood to get your media setup up and running flawlessly in next to no time. Small and wonderfully efficient, our base model Node Infinity gives you everything you need for a perfect media setup, and none of the stuff you don’t – meaning if you’re after a dedicated media PC, you don’t have to carry the burden of paying for gaming components that you don’t necessarily want.

With full 1080p onboard graphics, the option to add a TV card, plenty of storage space and ample RAM for multi-media needs, the base model gives you all you need at a really affordable price. But if you want to push your Node Infinity to its limits, then additional storage space, dedicated graphics cards and faster processors are all available if you want to turn your mini PC into a dual-purpose multi-media/gaming powerhouse.

Whatever kind of PC user you are, whether you’re an overclocking gaming demon in search of those triple-figure FPS digits or a lover of digital media trying to track down the ultimate setup for music and movies, then our fantastic range of mini-PCs here at Fierce PC offer a great choice.

Having made leaps and bounds in technology, efficiency, reliability and cost in recent years, our mini media and gaming PCs are small in size but big in power – perfectly designed and 100% customisable to your requirements. Just browse our site for our full range and customise your new mini-build!