Game without compromise with 14th generation Intel Processors

The battle for supremacy and dominance between Intel® and AMD has been quite the feast for gamers and performance PC enthusiasts. Each brand has put its best foot forward, releasing multiple hi-spec processors over the last couple of years.

Intel® is the latest with a major release in the form of the 14th Gen processor, and for any avid gamer looking to unlock every bit of performance from their PC, this should be something to look out for. As expected, the new processor has some eye-popping features to get any gamer excited and to unlock new levels of performance for the hungriest gamers and performance PC users. 

New Features of the 14th-Gen Processors

The new processor features some of Intel's leading technology, like the Intel® performance hybrid architecture to optimise gaming, productivity, and content creation, and then packs other new features, including the new Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility AI assist feature and overclocking tools.

Extended core technology

The 14th Gen Intel® processors feature performance hybrid architecture combining two microarchitectures on a single processor die. This architecture features performance-cores, efficient-cores and the Intel® Thread Director.

The processors come with up to 24 cores (8 Performance-cores and 16 Efficient-cores) and up to 32 threads. The most advanced of the bunch, the Intel® Core i9 processor P-cores can reach up to 6.0Ghz with Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost to supercharge performance.

In the Core i7 processor, Efficient-cores have been increased. Users now get up to 20 cores (8 P-cores and 12 E-cores) with 28 threads to handle the most demanding multitasking workloads.

Undoubtedly, the new processor is running circles around its competition and looking even better with additional features and advanced tools and technologies such as Intel® Dynamic Tuning Technology, Intel® Turbo Boost Max 3.0 Technology, Intel® Thermal Velocity Boost and Intel® Adaptive Boost, among others.

Immersive Experiences

The 14th Gen Intel® CPU can be used for numerous applications across various industries and proves handy for enthusiasts interested in overclocking, graphics or connectivity features. The processor has the feature to deliver an immersive experience that experts and new users will quickly appreciate.

Top ranking among these features are the Intel® Extreme Memory Profile, Intel® Dynamic Memory Boost and Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility. These features help deliver an intelligent overclocking performance that gets you more juice from your unlocked processor.

With Intel® Ultra-High-Definition Graphics with the Xe architecture, this is more than your average integrated graphics. It supports up to four concurrent DDI ports and up to 8K HDR support with enhanced media support.

This new generation of processors also supports discreet Intel® Wi-Fi 7 (5GB), which will expand upon the innovation of Wi-Fi 6 and 6E to provide even faster speeds and dramatically improve responsiveness. Users can also take advantage of the Bluetooth LE Audio support for true wireless stereo, higher-fidelity sound and new audio sharing capabilities.

Accelerating Platform Innovation

Most revolutionary Intel® processors call for massive upgrades to your PC or scrapping the whole thing and buying a new one. However, the 14th Gen option is more flexible and compatible with Intel® 600 and 700 series chipset-based motherboards. It offers you the flexibility to upgrade without upsetting your current setup and features.

Additions like the DDR5 support and continued DDR4 support with next-level I/O integration and up to 16 PCIe 5.0 lanes for a high-speed GPU are definitely music to any gamer's ears looking to tip the scales of performance speed to their advantage.

Performance of the 14th Gen Vs 13th Gen Processor

With the release of the 14th Gen processor, you must wonder whether it is worth shelling out the extra money for the 14th Gen or going for a 13th Gen processor. In its short stay, the 14th Gen processor has been extensively tested against several 13th Gen processors, and the numbers don't lie;

Intel® Core i9-14900K Vs. i9-13900K

The two processors are comparable in most aspects. They feature the same CPU die, architecture and physically the same CPU. But the 14th Gen has superior clock speeds, reaching up to 6.0Ghz with the Thermal Velocity Boost, and that is not even an all-core 6GHz boost. The 19-13900K has a rated TVB of only 5.8 GHz, making the 14th Gen stand out because they both have the same base and max power of 125W to 253W. You get more performance for the same power with the 14th Gen.

The 19-14900K processor offers 1-5% better performance, depending on the application. We all know how crucial that extra 1% can be in some applications like gaming!

These figures cut across most comparisons between 14th Gen and 13th Gen Intel® processors. Where the performance is similar, the 14th gen has the advantage of a lower power draw. If efficiency is at the top of your priorities without compromising performance, paying the premium for the 14th Gen processor might be helpful. 

14th Gen Processors Now Available in Fierce PC’s Gaming PCs

14th Gen Intel® CPUs are still very fresh in the market, but Fierce PC has a selection of Gaming PC’s that run on the 14th Gen processor.

You can choose from an extensive range of the processors ranging from the robust Intel® i9-14900KF processor to more affordable yet efficient i5-14600K processors. Our gaming PC options ensure you get the best value and performance for your budget and the latest in gaming and performance PC technology.

For a system custom built to your exacting standards, you can select your preferred parts using our configurator to build your perfect Intel® 14th Gen Gaming PC.

Closing Remarks

The world of high-end performance PCs is currently in the fast lane, with revolutionary processors and parts being released more regularly as the technology grows. At Fierce PC, we are leading the charge in ensuring you have access to the newest features and hardware in the gaming PC world. We are keenly following all the new hardware and software releases and updating our catalogue and you on the latest releases. For the latest information on the newest hardware to add to your PC, or even sales and discounts on some of our best sellers, sign up for our newsletter and take advantage of all the gaming PC information and hardware information and sales as soon as it happens.