Games are starting to get pretty expensive, so when there's still a great company around like Humble Bundle, we need to be taking advantage. Not only that, there are several other reasons why you should shop Humble Bundle.

1. A Charitable Cause

HumbleBundle has raised a whopping $124,000,000 to charities through selling games in bundles at a discounted rate. Everything they sell from bundles to store games, and of course the Humble Bundle monthly subscription, gives a share to charity. Stay tuned on their website as they support different charities each month, with each new monthly bundle to subscription members.

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2. Supporting Developers

HumbleBundle have a section of their site called Humble Publishing where they have made it their aim to help support Indie Game developers to succeed in a rapidly growing industry. They not only give small developers a push through showcasing their games on Humble Bundle but really give them a helping hand on the stairway to success.

3. Getting absolute bargains

Not only can you get amazing deals on individual games, but where you tend to reap the benefits the most on Humble Bundle is through their monthly subscription package. For a small cost of just $12 per month (Around £8.49 per month), you can pick up a bundle of games that have the retail price of up to 8x more than the subscription payment.
For example, this April you can pick up the following games for your $12 subscription:

DeadRising4 (£49.99)
Kerbal Space Program (£29.99)
Ruiner (£14.99)

You will never get a bargain quite like it, and it gives you the opportunity to play a bunch of games you may not have paid full price for!

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