Skyrim Item Codes

Did you know you can walk through walls, become invincible, fly, and do lots of other cool stuff on Skyrim Elder Scroll 5? All you need are a few Skyrim codes and cheat.

These few tricks will keep you occupied and allow you to venture into new levels and test the limits of the game.

How to Use Skyrim Console Commands

Before you start using the different commands, you need to know how to use them. Luckily, it’s a quick and straightforward process that will only take a few minutes.

To use the Skyrim codes and cheats, you need to enter the Skyrim console command by pressing the tilde (~) key.

This opens up a developer function on the console which you can use to type in the command code. When typing in the codes, you have to make sure the codes are completed in the correct format. If you’re looking to add several effects to the game, you can enter multiple codes then hit the tilde button once you’re done.

If you've been gaming and using cheat codes for a while, then you know that adding the codes, particularly multiple codes can cause glitches and affect existing storylines. In the worst-case scenario, this could cause the game to crash.

Player Skyrim console commands

tgm - God Mode; This code unlocks invincibility, magicka and stamina.

This is one of the best codes to use when you’re looking to muscle your way through the game. In this mode, you can’t take damage or be killed.

tim – Immortal Mode; More or less the same as God mode with one difference, in the immortal mode, you can take hits and damage, but you can't be killed.

tcl – No Clip Mode – Fly, and walk through walls among other cool stuff using this code. The code allows you to overcome all barriers and barricades in the game with ease.  

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Quest Commands

caqs – Complete all your primary quest stages with this simple command. However, be warned that this command might cause the game to crash.  In fact, a good number of the codes in this field might cause problems with your game.

saq – Use this command to start all the quests. This command can also cause the game to crash.

sqt – Keep track of all targets for ongoing quests using this handy command.

NPC Commands

tdetect – This command turns of AI detection. It’s particularly crucial when you’re stealing. Unfortunately, it will not work when you’re pickpocketing. You have to do that the old way.

sexchange – You change your gender if you’re not targeting or that of the targeted NPC.

tc – Some targeted NPCs are more useful to you alive. With this cheat code, you can take control of the targeted NPC.

kill – If you're a cold-blooded killer and want nothing short of the blood of all the targeted NPCs, this code allows you to do just that: Kill the targeted NPC.


It might be some time before Elder Scroll 6 drops. If you need to keep yourself busy in the meantime, you can use these specially picked codes to help you peruse Elder Scroll 5 in-depth and see just how far you can push the game. It's great fun!

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