Since the year 2000, gamers have been treated to the stealth game series 'Hitman' – a game based on a popular movie called Hitman Too. Over the years, numerous sequences of the game have been released, some better than the others. Here is a chronological series of the Hitman game from the first one ever released to the latest.

Hitman: Codename 47

Codename 47 was released on 21st November 2000. Like most video games, it is one of the best in the sequence. It was only compatible with Microsoft Windows and was a single player. Like the movie, the game revolves around a human killing machine clone with a tattoo at the back of his head. In the storyline, the man has escaped a test facility and is hired by a European agency to kill wealthy criminals.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

In the second release of the Hitman series, the creators focused on making the game compatible with more devices. The PlayStation, GameCube, and Xbox were among those that were added to the compatibility list along with Microsoft Windows.

The game was released in 2002. The storyline changed slightly. In this case, the Hitman is a murderer with no remorse working with a secret killing company. In this single-player game, the murderer is fully equipped with ammunitions and all types of firearms to complete the mission.

The game is divided into levels. Each level has a different objective, determined by the company. The game also allows the Hitman to use poisons in drinks, silencers and set traps to kill the targets.

Hitman 3: Contracts

Before the release of Hitman 3 by Eidos Interactive, there was a novel, Hitman; Enemy Within, released in 2003.

The new release was available on various gaming consoles like PlayStation 2 and Xbox and was also compatible with Microsoft Windows. The semantics of the game had not changed much. It was still a single-player game. As in the third release, Agent 47 is still working for a killing company. He is sent out to kill wealthy and crooked thieves in various continents around the world.

The game allows the player to choose the most violent way to take out a target using an array of weapons that range from knives to firearms. An excellent addition to the game is the ability to plan accidents to kill your opponents.

Hitman 4: Blood Money

Hitman four is a favourite among many fans. It has a compelling story told through the perspective of a journalist who interviews the former head of the FBI. This edition of the Hitman series is compatible with Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and Microsoft Windows. The game was released on 26th May 2006 and featured excellent graphics with various compatible controllers.

The storyline doesn’t deviate much from that of the previous games. Agent 47 is still a killer contracted to kill criminals and thugs. The only difference is the increased challenges within the mission.

The killer now has to deal with checkpoints, witnesses, and armed guards who could hinder the success of the mission. There's a topographical map added to the game to make it easier to guide the agent through the obstacles.  The method of killing is still your preference, but you have to ensure you don't harm the bystanders.

Hitman 5: Absolution

It took six years for the next game in the Hitman sequence to be released – and for a good reason. Hitman Absolution featured new production companies that included Nixxes Software, Feral Interactive Company, and IO Interactive Company.

It also features a variety of new features and gameplay mechanics like Online contracts and Instinct Mode. The game is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It was later bundled in the Hitman HD Enhanced collection in 2019 and was available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In this sequence, you will manoeuvre agent 47 as he fulfils his mission to kill his girlfriend Diana, whom he is told has betrayed him to the ICA. There are various obstacles that lie in the path of the mission that you need to overcome to complete the mission successfully.

Hitman GOTY

The sixth game in the Hitman franchise was a puzzle game developed by Square Enix Montrell Company.

The game was published for various platforms that included Windows, iOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Android, PlayStation Vita, and Windows Phone. There are other versions of the game that were released in 2016.

Still, a single-player game, the newly released series featured enhanced graphics and amazing features. The game's storyline requires you to steer Agent 47 through a series of grid-based levels with lines and nodes displayed on the board. The characters resemble miniature figures, and playing the games is more like playing chess.

It is not the best game in the series. But it received excellent reviews owing to its simple aesthetic, game mechanics, and art. The creators also received tons of credit for bringing the Hitman franchise to mobile devices.

Hitman Sniper

In 2015, the Hitman Sniper was released. The game was only available on Android and iOS systems. It was a very similar spin-off to the Sniper Assassin Mode in Hitman 2 with a mix of the Sniper Challenge Mode in Hitman: Absolution.

This shooting-gallery themed game is not the strongest effort from the franchise but is acceptable because it's playable on mobile devices.

Agent 47 is on the hunt for a sniper to kill influential figures gathered at lakeside in this game. Your goal is to steer the agent by setting traps and creating distractions. There’s a ton of other mechanics that you will love to use.

Hitman Season 2

The latest addition to the franchise by IO Interactive features a full game with large, detailed levels. Each of the levels in Hitman Season 2 will take hours to understand and discover. You can unlock new objectives at the end of your missions and get more opportunities to play around with the levels which are ever-changing.


The Hitman video games are one of the few that have managed to keep enthusiasts glued to the sequence without any major obstacles and design or storyline flaws along the way. All along, the game has retained a single-player mode. It remains to be seen if the creators of the game will change the approach in the upcoming games.