Every true dungeon crawler RPG fan has had a chance to delve into Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo. If you haven’t, you’re missing out!

The latest instalment of the game – Diablo 3 is making rounds in the gaming world as the fastest-selling PC game ever. That alone should get you thinking. Avid Diablo fans that have played all the sequels and expansions and looking for something new to get their adrenalin flowing, here are ten games you should try that playout and feel like Diablo.

The Torchlight Series

The Torchlight series is very similar to the Diablo franchise. You can choose from one of the three sequels each offering a top-down kind of gameplay.

There are various gameplay modes in the series that include the PvP which is supported by online matchmaking or the LAN play, where you can host fun tournaments locally.

You get to choose one of the four classes of characters in the game: An Engineer, Outlander, Embermage or a Berserker. Depending on how aggressive or passive your playstyle is, you can customise the skills of your selected character.

The most interesting Torchlight series is Torchlight 2. In the game, you can leave the confines of the town and explore more locations. The latest addition to the franchise Torchlight 3 is also quite interesting. It features improved gameplay, mechanics and a more fluid system. For gamers looking to enjoy the Diablo experience in a different environment, the Torchlight series is the perfect option.

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is a creation of Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. The game was released on September 13, 2019 and is an action RPG and FPS game.

Borderlands 3 is one of the few games that show how powerful imagination can be. As cool as magic and swords are, the game shows that grabbing a gun and taking out your enemies is even cooler.

The amount of weaponry in the game is outstanding with the chance to get even better equipment after each fight giving players the curiosity to keep playing.

Borderlands is engraved in the hearts of many gamers because of its graceful approach to graphics and aesthetics.

The game delivers a fast-paced approach for that adrenalin rush that every gamer yearns for. You can test your skills in the single-player mode. But for extra fun, the game also offers two multiplayer modes that allow you to invite friends.

Borderlands 3 comes highly recommended because it allows you to break out of Pandora using the futuristic spaceship known as Sanctuary 3 for more exploration.


The Darksiders series borrows heavily from the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The series has four entries, the first is War, the second is Death, the third is Fury and the fourth is Pestilence. In each of the games, players take control of a different character in the hack ‘n’ slash, action-adventure series. While all the games are worth a playthrough, it’s Darksiders II and Darksiders Genesis that are more like the Diablo series.

Darksiders: Genesis truly captures the feel, style and look of Diablo. Although the game has a storyline and lore that feels like it’s out of a comic book, the action, banter and delight of the characters, as well as the fierce and distinct fun aspect of Genesis, are almost identical to Diablo.

Darksiders II also takes loads of inspiration from Diablo. These include the dungeons, loots and the hordes of monsters.

The game is rich with quests that you can choose throughout the game especially on the harder levels. You will also benefit from a vast collection of weapons, skills and platforms to make the most out of the game.

Grim Dawn

Like most of the games you’re going to see on this list, Grim Dawn is also based on an apocalyptic fantasy world. The creators of the game Crate Entertainment were lucky enough to get the engine license for Titan Quest.

Grim Dawn has a similar plot to Darksiders as humanity in this game is also on the brink of extinction and the value of iron supersedes that of gold. The game has extra-terrestrials who are in contact with human beings.

The game pairs its action RPG genre with a dual class system where players can combine any of the six available classes which include: Anarchist, soldier and Shaman. The game is unique in several ways. One of them is that the skills are also embedded within the items you pick. You have to collect more items in the game to get more skills.

Also, some of the quests in the game will alter its storyline. Depending on the choices you make, you could decimate entire villages.

With multiplayer features, you can invite your friends to take a crack at the game with you. The fun aspect of the game is not just in completing quests but also crafting items and exploring dungeons.

Path of Exile

The brutality and the pace of Path of Exile are unmistakably similar to Diablo. It is considered the spiritual successor of the Diablo II series. Unlike most of the games on the list, Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile requires no introduction.

Players jumping onto the Path of Exile for the first time might feel a little intimidated. But your experience with Diablo will come in handy.

The game has a robust in-game economy and skill tree available for every class and an enticing PvP mode. Path of Exile is a free title which is a fact that the developers of the game are very passionate about and repeatedly mention that it will never become a pay-to-win game like most of the other games. It is a great go-to if you’re cash-strapped but looking for a good game to play.

Path of Exile offers an exceptional range of premium-level features. In the game, you can choose your character from the three available options: Templar, Marauder or the Witch. You can also obtain skills through gems which are earned inside the game.

The competitive PvP modes are to die for. They allow you to battle it out with your teammates to climb up the leader board, while the tournaments are perfect for flexing muscles and deliver some fun time.

Titan Quest

Titan Quest is an Action RPG game that resembles Diablo 3. As the title suggests, the game revolves around titans who escape their prison and come to cause problems on earth. As the hero in the game, the fate of mankind depends on you as you go against the titans.

There are thousands of items you can use to customise your characters and you have 28 classes to choose from as well. With Titan Quest, you get an opportunity to tangle with mythical monsters like Cerberus and explore the ancient world like the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, or the Great Wall.

The gameplay features online multiplayer features where you can invite between two to six player to explore the game and challenge the monster together.

For players that might want to get a jump on this game as soon as possible, Steam released a 10th-anniversary version of the game a while back that comes with both editions of the game in case you would like to take a crack at both games.

Dungeon Hunter

For those times when you want a game that is easy to pick up and master, the first editions of the Dungeon Hunter series are a perfect match. As the series got deeper, the developers put more effort turning it into a formidable game, but it still has some basic weaponry and classes.

But it offers more than just the hack-and-slash action. It doesn’t rack highly because of its obvious shortcomings in terms of difficulty and sophistication, but it’s still a fun option to consider when looking for Diablo alternatives.

Lost Ark

Lost Ark is an online 3D MMORPG game that is relatively new in the scene. As soon as Diablo enthusiasts saw what the South Korean developers were doing with Lost Ark, they were sold on the game.

The game features a unique RPG and presentation and the gameplay and storyline of the game are almost as good if not better than Diablo. If the developers released the game to the west, it would have given the Diablo franchise a run for its money.

The game is not released for the west officially which makes it hard to play the game. But if you’re hell-bent of giving this hidden gem a try, you can try using a VPN to mask your ID. Most gamers that have weathered the storm and gotten to play Lost Ark attest that the game is worth every bit of struggle you have to go through to get access to it.

You can play an open beta version of the game is you live in Russia and there’s a closed beta in Japan.

There are whispers that the game could be coming to Europe and North America within a year as of the time of writing this. But, we will just have to wait and see if that comes to pass. Meanwhile, a VPN seems to be the only way to play the game.

Victor Vran

If you haven’t had enough of slaying demons Victor Vran is an excellent choice for you. Other than the Victorian setting, the game doesn’t offer anything new but it nails all the elements of Diablo games well enough to earn itself a high rating on Steam and earn itself stripes as a game on its own merit.

Long-time fans of Diablo will appreciate the character customisation options even though you only get to play as Victor Vran. There’s a sufficient dose of action throughout the game, perhaps more than you get to see on most Diablo look-alikes.

Victor Vran is an RPG game that looks a lot like Diablo 3. The game gives you the chance to use tons of different weapons, outfits, destiny cards and powers among other items to kill the hordes of enemies coming your way. You also have special moves that you can use to defeat the bosses or beasts.

Surprisingly, the game comes with a multiplayer feature. You can team up with your friends to take on the evil in the world and defeat your enemies. It’s also possible to find LAN and PvP options.

Monsters in Victor Vran have very different behaviours which is a unique feature you don’t get to see in many other games. It calls for proper calculation of your moves before executing.

War Hammer: Chaosbane

If you replace Diablo and his siblings with the Chaos Gods of Warhammer mythos, you get Warhammer: Chaosbane. That’s how similar the two games are. But at the same time, Warhammer has plenty of uniqueness in itself and promises to be quite engaging, possibly even more than Diablo III.

The game is a lot darker and more violent than Diablo, delivering a more pleasant experience. The picking system for the items saves you time on your build limiting the trash items that you pick up and you don’t need. With a 15-hour campaign, level design and boss battles, the game only gives you the times in your class. Some gamers think it’s too easy and others love the itemisation because it reduces clutter.

The game is set in a suffering and ruined world that has not known peace and is not about to for a long time. The world is ravaged by the war which sounds very much like Diablo 3.

The game has a unique twist to hacking n slash with a mature twist and atmosphere with unlimited possibilities and isometric graphics. You can choose from several character classes, fierce combat, weapons and so much more.


There you have it, 10 games that will keep you in the Diablo fever without forcing you into the monotony of playing one game. We understand gamers prefer different sequels in the series. That is why we made it a point to try and balance out the games to feature a few options for each release of Diablo. Have fun!