Best Gaming Laptop under £1000

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Every time you have to step away from your gaming station is painful, and you can't wait to get back to pick up where you left off. If finding time to game is becoming increasingly hard, investing in a gaming laptop is the perfect solution.

Gaming laptops are designed to keep up with the demands of gaming and offer an excellent gaming experience. With a few peripherals, you can replicate the same experience on your laptop.

The best part is, you don’t have to spend a small fortune getting yourself a new gaming laptop. At Fierce PC, we have an excellent collection of gaming laptops under £1000.


Buy Your Gaming Laptop under £1000 from Fierce PC

Bring your gaming with you everywhere you go. Our diverse range of gaming laptops from the leading brands will keep you busy and entertained no matter where you are. With our diverse and affordable range of gaming laptops, you never have to take that painful walk away from your gaming desktop.

Quality components

At Fierce PC, we have built a reputation founded on providing gamers with affordable but best quality gaming hardware. It is not any different from our gaming laptops. We source for the best and highest quality parts for all our gaming laptops.

We work closely with all the leading brands in different computer components to ensure we have the best and latest parts for all our gaming laptops.

As a result, you can enjoy stellar performance and durability from each gaming laptop you buy from Fierce PC.

Powerful performance

We are a specialist in making gaming computers. We understand resource-hungry modern gaming and we build our laptops to keep up and surpass all these needs providing you with a smooth and freeze-free performance.

We source for the latest processors from leading brands like Intel and AMD, GPUs and RAM to ensure nothing holds you back from experiencing the full exploits of gaming while you’re away from your gaming station.

Despite the incredible performance you can expect from these superb gaming laptops, each of them will set you back less than £1000!

Fully tested gaming laptops

To prevent any unwanted surprises, all our gaming laptops under £1000 are tested before shipping. During testing, we check the performance of the laptop, and we also check the different components. Our goal is always to deliver game-ready laptops at all times. 

With our affordable gaming laptops, you’re assured of the best performance from the moment your new laptop arrives.

Warranty backed

We are confident in the performance of our laptops and the quality of the design and components. That is why all our gaming laptops under £1000 come with a return-to-base warranty that covers the labour and parts of every laptop.

In case you have any problems or challenges with your new laptop, you can ship it back to us, and we will have it repaired or replaced at no extra cost.

Fast shipping

Get your new gaming laptop under £1000 delivered quickly and straight to your doorstep. At Fierce PC, we believe in expeditious shipping, and we ensure every new order is dispatched within five days of the order being placed after passing all our tests.

Build your own gaming PC

For gamers that have a unique taste and are looking for a special rig, we have an Online PC Configurator that you can use to build your own gaming PC. We have thousands of components at your disposal that you can use to build your new PC from scratch.

Why Choose Fierce PC?

If you’re thinking of buying a gaming laptop, choosing to buy it from Fierce PC is the best decision you can make. Here’s why:

  • Experience – We are one of the most experienced gaming computer shops in the market. We not only understand gaming laptops but also gamers, which is how we come up with impressive gaming solutions suited for all gamers.

  • Diversity – We have something for everyone and every budget. Our collection of gaming laptops under £1000 features various gaming laptop brands, different prices and our laptops are designed for varying levels of gamers. With Fierce PC, you're assured of getting something that works for you. 

  • Experienced customer support – We provide you with not only reliable and high-performance gaming laptops but also an excellent shopping experience as well. As part of our dedication to our customers, we have an active and responsive customer support team that is ready to answer questions and improve your shopping experience. You can reach out to our team through various channels which include live chat, contact forms, emails and via phone. 

  • Quality guarantee – At Fierce PC, we will never compromise on the quality of our gaming laptops. We only use the best parts and components from the most reputable and leading brands to ensure all gamers can enjoy the thrill of gaming for as long as possible.