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ASUS Eye Care VA27EHF 27" 1080p 100Hz Gaming Monitor
  • Screen Size: 27"
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (FHD)
  • Refresh Rate: 100Hz
  • Inputs: 1x HDMI
  • Response Time: 1ms
  • Panel Type: IPS
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Choosing gaming accessories is every gamer's dream. The exhilarating feeling of going through the different options available, deciding what matters and what doesn't, and picking every brand apart gives you a sense of pride and achievement.


On the downside, choosing gaming accessories can be a tedious and often confusing process. Gaming companies have come a long way, and in most cases, it's hard to stay loyal to one brand, given the excellent design and engineering that comes with the various accessories.

But you could save yourself the trouble and confusion by going for ASUS accessories. ASUS has already made a name for itself in the gaming circles as a reputable and reliable gaming company specialising in gaming computers. With the increasing demands in its products, the company has expanded its operations. It now offers an extensive collection of gaming accessories that any gamer would love to add to their station.

ASUS Gaming Accessories Range

Gaming monitors

Gaming monitors are your gateway to unlocking the game’s graphic excellence. Even with the best GPU, you still need a monitor to bring all the details to life and make your virtual world a reality. ASUS has an excellent collection of monitors that offers various features to suit the different gaming needs and requirements.

Gaming Mice and Keyboards

A gaming mouse and keyboard are the first accessories that most gamers will go for. While they perform the same basic functions, aesthetics go along way and choosing one that will fit in with your current theme is vital. ASUS offers a broad range of gaming Mice and Keyboards with wired and wireless options with intricate lighting that will light up your gaming station, adding some drama and excitement.  

Gaming Headsets

Bring your virtual gaming experience to life with a pair of ASUS gaming headsets designed to deliver high-quality surround sound. Headsets are particularly important for online multiplayer gaming setups and ASUS has a wide variety that caters to various needs and budgets.  


Not many gaming companies focus on lighting as an accessory. Most will only work the lighting into their products and that's about it. ASUS goes further to provide gamers with the ultimate light customising solution, which is LED strips.

The ASUS ROG addressable LED strip is easy to use and incorporate in your gaming station, giving it a mythical look depending on where you place it. You can attach the strip around your gaming PC case or around your gaming table to add some mystery, colour, and drama to your gaming environment.

Other ASUS gaming accessories include gaming wrist rest, Spotlight USB logo projectors, and mousepads.

For gamers that want pristine quality, unique accessories designed to maximise performance and aesthetic appeal, ASUS has the best range for you.

Buy Your ASUS Accessories from Fierce PC

Fierce PC offers a wide range of gaming accessories from ASUS for all types of gamers. Our extensive collection of accessories will help you add comfort and precision to your gaming and improve your overall experience and performance.

We only deal with reputable gaming manufacturers to ensure our customers get the best equipment for the best results.

Quality Gaming Accessories

Accessories might not be as important as your computer's components. But that doesn't mean you should settle for low-quality products. Quality accessories will give you value for money, longer service, and better overall performance.

At Fierce PC, we are keen on helping gamers realise their full gaming potential, that is why we will always hook you up with the best quality gaming accessories at reasonable prices.

ASUS Accessories FAQs

Is ASUS a good brand?

ASUS has a solid reputation in the gaming world, providing gamers with excellent gaming components. The brand focuses on monitors and has an outstanding selection of accessories as well. So, yes, ASUS is a good brand.

Are ASUS accessories worth buying?

ASUS makes quality gaming accessories that are durable and high-performance. They give you value for money and make your gaming experience more immersive. If you take the time to select the accessories, ASUS accessories will prove them worthy of the purchase.

What ASUS accessories do you have in stock?

We have a vast selection of ASUS accessories. The selection includes keyboards, headsets, gaming mouse pads, monitors and gaming mice. Each of the accessories comes in several models which offer varying qualities so you can choose the ideal option for you based on budget and your needs.

Which ASUS accessories should I buy?

One of the benefits of PC gaming is that it is more customisable and has more variety. For the best gaming experience, you will need a pair of headsets with a mic so you can communicate with other gamers, a gaming mouse for accurate and responsive movement and an excellent mechanical keyboard. These essential keyboards are the bare minimum for a good experience, and ASUS has all of them available. As your experience increases, you can look into more advanced options.

Can I use ASUS accessories on my gaming laptop?

You can easily plug your ASUS accessories on a gaming laptop. While most of the accessories like keyboards, mice, and headsets are plug and play, you will need to check for compatibility for some more advanced accessories like VR kits that require the laptop to have certain features to work.

How much do ASUS gaming accessories cost?

The price of the accessories differs depending on the accessories you are interested in and the model you want. If you're looking to purchase several accessories at once, you can check on our Combo section, which could help you save some money while getting all the items you need.

What gaming accessories should you have?

Every gamer needs to have a keyboard, mouse, and headphones or speakers. These are the minimum to have an average gaming experience.

What accessories do professional gamers need?

Professional gamers have a broad scope of accessories. It includes the basics, which are the headphones or directional speakers, gaming keyboard and mouse. Depending on the game being played, they might also have a router to stream their games, exceptional gaming monitors, among others.

Do you have gaming accessories from other brands?

Our collection of accessories is not only limited to ASUS accessories. We also stock a vast variety of other reputable and established gaming brands, including Corsair and Razer, among others.

Are gaming accessories the same as gaming peripherals?

The term gaming peripherals also refers to gaming accessories. It refers to the same items like keyboards, headsets and gaming mice.

Why Choose Fierce PC?

Fierce PC is an experienced and long-serving gaming hardware supplier. We know quality when we see it and we understand which accessories are best suited for gaming. With us you can enjoy:

  • Variety – We have a comprehensive collection of ASUS gaming accessories that range from controllers to sound, visual, and lighting and even a few options to help improve your comfort level while gaming. With us, you have complete freedom to choose the accessories that best serve your gaming needs.
  • Rapid Shipping – Our rapid delivery services will have your new accessories delivered to your doorstep in no time. We are dedicated to offering gamers the best quality gaming products and an excellent shopping experience when buying their products from us. 
  • Responsive Customer Support – In case you run into any problems when choosing your ASUS gaming accessories, you can reach out to our customer service agents via email, telephone, or live chat, and they will offer fast, responsive, and courteous assistance to you.