15-16 Inch Laptops

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A reliable gaming laptop offers more than performance. It should be compact, portable and lightweight without compromising performance. For most gamers, striking that balance when looking to take gaming on the road is often a challenge.

At Fierce PC, we have the solution and that is our range of 15-16 inch laptops. This range of gaming laptops offers a unique balance in terms of performance and size ensuring you carry all the amenities you need and still have enough space to bring your trusted gaming laptop with you.


You can now bring the thrill of gaming with you everywhere you go with our incredible collection of mid-sized laptops.

Buy Your 15 – 16 Inch Laptops from Fierce PC

Fierce PC is your best and safest bet when it comes to buying gaming hardware. We have many years of experience in gaming circles. We not only understand gaming PCs. We also understand the games that are creating a buzz allowing us to build a PC that is tuned to make the most out of your favourite PC games and offer you the ultimate experience.

If you’re the adventurous type that likes trying out different types of games, we have just the thing for you as well. Our expansive range of 15 -16 inch laptops covers all types of gamers and budgets.

Quality Gaming Experience

Downsizing doesn’t have to compromise your gaming experience. Our range of 15-16 inch gaming laptops ensures you get an excellent gaming experience with HD screens just as you would at your gaming station back at home.

What’s more, the laptops come with various specs and budgets for gamers that are looking for different things. Whether you’re a gamer looking for the best laptop money can buy or you’re simply looking for a nice budget-friendly upgrade that will allow you game during your downtime away from home, we have just the laptop for you.

Powerful Performance

There’s no question about the power in our range of gaming laptops. We use the latest processors to guarantee the speed and freeze free performance. We work with the most reputable brands like Intel and AMD to ensure that every one of our 15 – 16 inch laptops makes the most of the features it has to offer.

Our diverse range of industry-leading components will always keep you ahead of the completion and some of them like the RAM and hard disk are relatively easy to upgrade. We regularly update our catalogue so you can keep checking for new and interesting components that can make your new laptop even faster.

Fully Tested Gaming Laptops

At Fierce PC, we don’t take any chances. We like being sure and certain. That is why, despite having the most experienced technicians and using top of the line components in the creation of our laptops, every one of them has to go through rigorous testing before shipping them to our clients.

Testing allows us to perfect the gaming laptop and deliver it game-ready without any worries that it will perform as expected.


We know you work hard for your money and we want you to be confident when buying your new 15 – 16 inch gaming laptop knowing that you’ve spent money on the right rig. That is why we offer a 3-5 year warranty on all our gaming laptops.

The warranty covers parts and labour for the laptop. If anything goes wrong with the laptop within the period of the warranty, we will repair or replace the laptop for you at no cost.

Helpful Customer Support

We are sensitive to the plight of our clients and we always want you to have the best shopping experience possible every time you visit Fierce PC. But we understand that it might not always be the case. That is why we have a helpful and responsive customer support team to help you through any challenges you might face or answer questions regarding your purchase of a new gaming laptop.

You can reach out to the customer support team through the live chat, email or the phone numbers provider for a prompt and helpful response.

Why Choose Fierce PC?

Choosing to buy a new 15 – 16 inch laptop is a huge undertaking and choosing the right partner to deliver the laptop is critical. Here’s what makes us different from everyone else:

Quality assurance

At Fierce PC, quality is the foundation of all our gaming rigs. We believe in sourcing for the components from leading brands to extend the life of the laptop and also to give it the best possible performance.


You will not be limited with a few options. We have an expansive collection of gaming laptops with a 15 – 16 inch screen. The laptops are from various brands, offer distinct features and most importantly, come in various classes to suit different gamers whose preferences might differ.