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Powerful Workstation Computers

At Fierce PC we offer a wide range of powerful, specialised workstations and Gaming PCs that can be used for high resource, demanding tasks that require high-powered computers. Like normal personal computers they can be connected to a local area network (LAN) and run multi-user operating systems – but they run more process demanding tasks with built-in high tech specs. These high-end computers are designed for running technical applications such as CAD software’s, software development, audio production and scientific calculating applications.


Whether you need a workstation in an office, music studio or for a complex project, you can rely on powerful workstations from Fierce PC to get the job done. Our workstations offer outstanding value for money increasing efficiency and productivity. We also offer an online configurator that allows you to customise your workstation PC to the way you want it. The configurator features dozens of choice and PC upgrades for you to choose from, once you are happy with your loadout you can place an order and your workstation PC will be delivered directly to your front door in no time!

Buy Your Workstation with Fierce PC

Well designed and stylish, workstations are easy to place under your desk, home office or lounge without taking up too much space. If you have any questions or queries our PC experts are available to answer any questions you may have. Simply get in touch get in touch via communication channels and one of our experts we help you find the perfect workstation for your needs.

At Fierce PC all of our workstation pcs feature a 3 Year Protect Warranty which comes FREE with your PC purchase, allowing you to return your PC to us for repair for 3 years. Additionally, we also offer FREE 1 year BullGuard Internet Security for up to 3 users.

Powerful Components

Only the most powerful components will work for our leading line of the workstation PC. With the carefully designed and selected components, we’re sure that our PC workstations can handle any tasks you throw at them.

We carefully pick the core components like the RAM, and GPU to make sure that the PC is perfect for the task you have in mind.

Quality Components

While powerful components allow the PC to run smoothly and effortlessly, quality components bring in longevity and durability. Together, these two aspects ensure excellent user experience.

At Fierce PC, we stock and use components from the most reputable brands around the world like Intel, Nvidia, and AMD, among others. Using this approach ensures crisp performance, durability, value for money and a frustration-free performance.

Tried and Tested

Every workstation PC you get from Fierce PC has gone through a series of rigorous tests to make sure it can stand up to the demands in the field and surpass your expectation.

The workstations PC are designed to deliver efficiency and productivity no matter the kind of project you are handling.

Customise Your Workstation PC with Fierce PC

At Fierce PC, we believe in offering our customers with practical and efficient solutions. We also believe that each customer is unique and so are their needs. That is why we allow our customers to build their own workstation PC with the help of our online PC configurator.

With our PC configurator, you can choose from the variety of industry-leading PC components we have to build your PC. Once you pick all the parts and components for your new workstation PC, we will have our team of technicians assemble and test the new PC before shipping it out to you.

We also have a collection of PC upgrades that you can use to improve the performance of your current PC and get the most out of your new PC.

What to Consider When Buying a Workstation PC

Whether you’re buying your first workstation PC or replacing an old, knowing the parts that will make the greatest difference is critical in ensuring you get the most bang out of your budget. Some of the features you need to pay extra attention to include:

Processor (CPU)

When choosing or customising the PC, aim to go for a CPU with a high-frequency rate (GHz). You will also need to keep an eye on the number of CPU cores, but this depends on the type of task you're hoping to run on the PC.

For instance, for video editing and other tasks that require rendering, using multiple CPU cores halves the rendering time.

While it’s tempting to keep adding the number of cores, keep in mind there is a thin balance between performance and speed when it comes to cores. When you go over ten CPU cores, the CPU starts to slow down. It’s critical to ensure you understand you understand your main tasks before you settle on a CPU that will work best for you.

Graphics (GPU)

For a 3D workstation PC and other video-based tasks, you will need a top of the line graphics card. A professional 3D graphics card is the most recommended. Unlike consumer GPUs, professional versions are designed to work with different video editing and 3D applications.

There are different type of GPUs at a different budget. The goal is not to go for the most expensive but rather for the most practical for your application. For instance, CAD-related applications can use mid-range and good quality entry-level GPUs however, for more graphic intensive applications like 3D performance, you will need to break the bank for a GPU that offers among other features a real-time visualisation.

Memory (RAM)

RAM is critical to the performance of your new workstation PC. It would be best if you always aimed to have plenty of memory, so you don't run out in the middle of your tasks. Low RAM translates to freezing and slow processing which can be frustrating.

The memory requirements will change over time, so it's better to start with a sizeable option that will grow with your needs.  


With regards to storage, M.2 SSDs are the current industry standard. They offer superior reading and writing speeds compared to SATA alternatives. Also, the former harddisks are smaller, which makes it easier for you to manage space within the workstation. Pick your storage carefully, especially of storage-intensive applications like CAD files. 

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