Thermaltake E-Sports Level 10M Gaming Laser Mouse - Red

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Designed by Thermaltake and BMW in collaberation, the LEVEL 10M gaming mouse is an exceptional piece of kit. In red, the mouse sports a modern, open look, with easily accessible side buttons and an adjustable palm rest to give you maximum control over your game. Its air-through design means your hand stays cool without being distracting, and the aluminium base helps keep this one of the sturdiest mice on the market. Its 8200DPI laser sensor means you'll never have an issue with speed or accuracy, and the programmable buttons allow you to design macros to boost your gameplay.


  • Customize the mouse angle you need - A 3d-steering axis system allows you to customize the angle at which the level 10 M mouse sits in the palm of your hand
  • Keep your hands cool and dry - An Air-Through Ventilation system keeps those sweaty palms in check with slow but non-distracting air flow solution
  • A Sturdy Foundation Built For Stability - The Level 10 M Mouse has an aluminum base for maximum durability and optimal stability during gaming sessions.


Dpi: 8200

Sensor Type: Laser

No. Of Buttons: 7

Game Genre: Rts, Mmorpg

Memory Size: 128kb

No. Of Macro Keys: 11

No. Of Game Profiles: 5

Pulse Lighting: Yes

Pause-Break Effect: Yes

Color Options: 7

Usb Cable Length: 1.8m

Weight-In Design: No

Graphical Ui: Yes

Coating / Finish: Industrial Rubber (Matte)

Weight: 185g

Gold-Plated Usb: Yes

Dimension: 147 X 67.5 X 38.8 Mm