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Learn what you need in an awesome streaming PC build in our streaming pc buyers guide or shop below to buy a pre-configured streaming PC

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AMD Corsair iCUE | AMD Ryzen 5 7600X | NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti | Custom Gaming PC


  • AMD Ryzen 5 7600X Hex-Core Processor
  • NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti 16GB Graphics Card
  • 32GB 5600MHz DDR5 Memory
  • 2TB NVMe M.2 Solid State Drive
Now £1,599.95
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One of the joys of gaming is being able to show off your skills to the world. Streaming allows you to do exactly that. However, it comes with the additional burden of processing the video and audio, which can be a challenge without the right PC.

That is why at Fierce PC, we have a range of Streaming PCs designed to handle the stress of gaming and streaming without breaking a sweat.

With our streaming PCs, you now have the ability to share your skills and gaming prowess in crystal clear, freeze-free quality with other gamers and gaming enthusiasts. 



Buy Your Streaming Gaming PC with Fierce PC

For streaming gamers, choosing the right PC should be at the top of your priorities. Understanding the additional requirements that come with streaming is critical in helping you choose a PC that will perform both tasks well.

Gaming alone requires top of the line components, which makes the demand for performance even more critical when you want to stream your games as well.
At Fierce PC, we have a collection of ready-made streaming PCs for gamers that want to jump right into the action.

If you prefer to take some time to build your own streaming PC, we have the components and the expertise to help you put your creation together and bring it to life.
Our streaming PCs and computer components come in different price ranges to suit the needs and demands of different gamers.

Powerful components
Streaming PCs have a high appetite for power and performance. That is why Fierce PC has a comprehensive range of powerful components which include CPUs, RAM and GPU to make sure your PC is up to the task and can perform all the functions without overheating or freezing.

Tried and Tested
We don’t want you to run into any unexpected challenges with your new streaming PC bundle. That is why we make sure we try and test each rig before it leaves our line.
Whether you pick a PC that is put together by our engineers or one that you customise yourself, our quality control team will aggressively test the PC to make sure it can stand the stress of gaming and the test of time. 

Our goal is to ensure you have the most future-proof gaming system that will provide you with an excellent gaming and flawless gaming experience. 

Fast Delivery
With our expedited shipping service, we will get you your new streaming PC in the shortest time possible. We know how nerve-racking waiting for your new rig can be and we have systems in place that ensure a quick delivery.

For custom builds, our team of technicians start the assembly and testing the new PC within 48 hours after you complete selecting the components.

With our fast turnaround and fast shipping, you don’t have to worry about waiting for ages when you shop with Fierce PC.

All gaming and streaming PCs are cost-intensive. At Fierce PC, we want you to be comfortable knowing that you're buying a PC that will stand against time and is made using quality components. That is why we offer our clients a free return-to-base warranty of between 3-5 years for all the equipment and rigs you buy from us.</p>

If you have any problems with your rig, we will have it fixed or replaced for you with no questions asked.



What to Consider When Buying a Streaming PC

Streaming comes with additional processing requirements. That is why you need to find a strong CPU with high processing power that will handle both gaming and the processing of video and audio. Go for chips that have high core counts and clock speeds. It’s vital that you pick the best CPU within your budget range.

Your PC will need more space to store information short-term. To cater for this, you will need a substantial amount of RAM. Anywhere in the range of 16GB to 32 GB is sufficient. Sufficient RAM will ensure the framerate doesn't drop when encoding, so the quality of the video is not compromised.

The whole world is watching! You can’t afford to have weak graphics. This is more so the case if you intend to record graphic-intensive games. If possible, you can also have a dedicated graphics card to make sure you preserve the quality of the game and the video.

Some of the other components you need to make sure your new streaming build is perfect are additional storage, a good microphone, a webcam and a capture card if you want to capture gameplay from your game console. With all these components in place, you’re closer to sharing a one of a kind gaming experience with other gamers.