Corsair Keyboards

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Stock keyboards work for most average gamers. For serious gamers who can go on for hours at a time, a carefully designed gaming keyboard proves to be a valuable asset.

Corsair has some of the most exciting and gaming-friendly keyboards in the market. As with gaming, each of the keyboards is designed for different gamers with unique tastes and requirements to ensure the utmost comfort and improved performance.

As your reliable gaming hardware supplier, Fierce PC has all the Corsair gaming keyboards in stock. No matter what your preference is, we have a keyboard designed for your style of play and your budget.


Buy Your Corsair Gaming Keyboard from Fierce PC

Buying a gaming keyboard is not only about the impressive looks and design of the keyboard. The right keyboard can drastically improve your response speed and make you a better gamer. A good keyboard can also remedy wrist pain.

Corsair has an impressive collection of gaming keyboards designed for gamers, and Fierce PC has all of them.

Other than providing you with a vast range of keyboards, we also ensure they are of the best quality and will provide you with the expected performance and longevity.

With our diverse collection of gaming keyboards, you can easily find an option that meets your demands and doesn’t blow your budget out of the water.

What to Consider When Buying a Gaming Keyboard

Choosing a good gaming keyboard requires patience and research. If you're not an adept gamer, it's essential to buy a future-proof keyboard that will support your gaming habits as they grow.

Type of keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are the best for gaming. They are precise, responsive and durable. Depending on your preference, you can get mechanical gaming keyboards in both wireless and wired options.


Size is a factor considering the amount of space you have at your gaming station. Some keyboards pack plenty of features and sometimes, that means they might take up more space than you have. For a comfortable gaming experience, it's best to have the keyboard resting on the tabletop than on your laps. So pick one that works with the space that you have available.


One of the leading causes of wrist pain is poor keyboard design. An ergonomic keyboard offers ample wrist support to keep you playing for long hours without the pain that comes with it. Ergonomic keyboards are also more comfortable to use, which improves your response and reaction times.


A gaming keyboard wouldn’t be a gaming keyboard without an appearance to match. Most keyboards have lighting. For Corsair Keyboards, you can choose whether you want the Icy, Red, Blue, White, or RGB lighting. For lighting, it’s a case of preference.

Concerning appearance, you can also choose from different colours of keyboards. Corsair has black (which is the most common), grey or white.

Additional features

If you have the budget to spare, it doesn’t hurt to get a keyboard with more bells and whistles. It could give you an edge down the line or better yet save you some money.

Most keyboards come with a mouse combo. If you plan to buy a gaming mouse soon, this could be a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

Some options also have macro buttons, which is an impressive feature. The macro buttons can be assigned various commands. Instead of pressing a combination of keys, you can press the macro keys, which saves you time and helps reduce response time and gives you an edge.

You might also consider other features like volume and video control knobs, especially if you stream your games.