Mad Catz R.A.T. TE Tournament Edition Gaming Mouse - Black

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The Cyborg R.A.T. TE series features a heavily customisable, programmable and stylish design. In black and blue, the mouse looks great on your desk next to a gaming keyboard, and the programmable buttons mean you can easily get ahead of the competition in online games when you take less time to perform actions. Features swappable palm and pinky rests, customisable DPI levels up to 8200DPI and laser tracking, along with 9 programmable buttons with 3 modes giving you up to 27 commands in your games, meaning you'll be the one doing lightning-fast actions. Brilliant for FPS competitions thanks to its lightweight design.


  • Tenaciously Durable - Reliability is king at the tournament level and the solid craftsmanship of the M.M.O.TE makes it an ideal battle ally. Courtesy of long-lasting build materials, this ergonomic gaming mouse can easily withstand the extreme duress of tournament gameplay. Buttons which typically see the most action – left and right mouse buttons – employ OMRON switches rated at five million cycles.
  • Quick and Lightweight - Weighing a mere 100 grams excluding the cable, the M.M.O.TE is one of the lightest gaming mice currently available. A translucent chassis and agile baseplate smoothly glide atop slick and quiet PTFE feet. Providing next to zero resistance on most gaming surfaces, your lightning-quick reactions immediately translate to in-game actions.
  • Click it Your Way - Adjustability is one of the best attributes built into this ergonomic gaming mouse. Extend the palm rest an extra five, 10, or 15mm to perfectly match your grip. Four distinct click-dampening settings help ensure a stable cross hair on soft gaming surfaces.


DPI Levels: 4

DPI Range: 100 – 8200 (in 25 DPI increments)

Acceleration: 50G

Polling Rate: Dynamic up to 1000Hz

Tracking Speed: Up to 6m/sec (240ips)

Lift-off Height: 0.2mm - 1mm

Programmable Controls: 20

Profile Modes: 3

Weight: 100g (without cable)

Always On: Yes

'Slick' PTFE Feet: Yes

Gold-plated Connector: Yes

L.E.D. Colors for each Mode: Red, Blue, Purple