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Night Runner | RTX 3090 24GB | Liquid X | Custom Liquid Cooled Gaming PC
  • Lian Li O11D Gaming PC Case
  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900x 4.8Ghz Processor
  • Liquid X Custom Watercooling Loop
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 24GB GPU
  • 1TB WD Black SN850 M.2 SSD
  • 4TB Seagate BarraCuda Hard Drive
£4,549.95 Was £5,119.95
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In stock
Blazer | Nvidia RTX 3090 24GB | Liquid X | Custom Liquid Cooled Gaming PC
  • Cougar Blazer Gaming PC Case
  • AMD Ryzen 9 5800x 4.7Ghz Processor
  • Liquid X Custom Watercooling Loop
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 24GB GPU
  • 1TB WD Black SN850 M.2 SSD
  • 4TB Seagate BarraCuda Hard Drive
£4,589.95 Was £5,159.95
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In stock
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Using high-end computers doesn't come without its challenges. One of these is the components get hot very fast. To keep using the computer, you have to keep the parts cool. For average gamers, our air-cooled components provide the needed ventilation and bursts of air to keep the components cooled. For more aggressive and for the pro-gamers, better cooling technology is required. To keep up with the long hours of gaming, we have a collection of powerful liquid-cooled PCs. They are designed for quiet operation and endless hours of gaming.

Liquid-cooled PCs push the components to their best without breaking them making them an ideal pick for gamers that are looking to squeeze a little more performance from their components for better performance. At Fierce PC, we provide you with a rich variety of water-cooled gaming computers that give you value for your money and come at different price points to suit your budget. Our range of water-cooled gaming PCs is powerful and efficient; they are perfect for e-sports gamers. With years of experience building gaming PCs, you can rest assured that you get the best performance. All our water-cooled Pcs are designed, built and tested in-house by our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians to guarantee the best experience for our users.

Why Choose Water-Cooled Gaming PCs?

They are more efficient

Our water-cooled PCs are more efficient. Use of water means heat transfer is more effective which keeps your components cooler for longer which also means you prolong the life of the hardware.

Less Noise

The only noise you want to hear from your computer is the smacking, hitting and engines revving that comes from the game. With high revving fans battling to supply your components with cool air, there can be an annoying buzzing sound in your gaming space. With liquid, this is not the case. Liquid-cooled PCs operate with less noise so you can easily concentrate on gaming. They are almost as quiet as silent gaming PCs or Cloud Gaming PCs.

You have more space for upgrades

While water is more efficient at cooling, it also tends to take up less space than fans. The thin tubes of liquid form a network around the system taking up very minimal space. This makes it much easier to reach the different components for replacement or maintenance.

Perfect for high-performance GPUs

For avid gamers, you have probably upgraded your GPU and components of your CPU a couple of times to keep up with the ever-rising demands of high stakes gaming. As you upgrade, air cooling becomes less efficient. To keep your high-end GPUs from frying, you need to consider going for a water-cooled PC.

What to Consider When Buying a Liquid Cooled PC

No doubt buying a liquid-cooled gaming PC is one of the best decisions you can make as a gamer. However, it would help if you also made other smart decisions when purchasing the PC to guarantee an excellent overall experience.

Some of the other components which you need to carefully consider when buying your liquid-cooled PC include:

Processors – Processors are the heart and soul of every excellent gaming PC. Quality, high-performance processors ensure the game runs smoothly without freezing. When purchasing your liquid-cooled gaming PC, it’s critical to make sure you buy the PC with the best possible processor for your budget. It’s the first step to guaranteeing yourself an excellent gaming experience.

Graphics Cards – Gaming is all about graphics. Bringing the virtual world into reality! The work of graphics cards is to make this come true. The best thing about graphics cards is, the difference they bring to your gaming is easily noticeable. Just ensure you pair the graphics with a capable monitor to bring out the best.

RAM – RAM provides a short term memory where the PC stores all the essential files required to run different applications. Having sufficient RAM for your gaming PC means the game loads faster, and it doesn't freeze while you play. This is critical for serious gamers since freezing can be costly, not mention frustrating. 

PC Cases – Considering you have chosen to go with a liquid-cooled gaming PC, it's obvious you understand the critical role that cases play in keeping the components healthy and in their best possible state. A good PC case will not only give your gaming PC that cool look but also keep the components cool.

A Few Tips on Using Liquid-Cooled Gaming PCs

 With the higher performance of these AMD gaming PCs, comes some added responsibilities. There are several steps you need to take to prolong the life of the PC and maintain excellent performance.

  • You need a spacious room to fit in all the equipment and get the loop up and running.
  • Once in a while, you will need to top up the cooling fluid.
  • Always check to make sure all the fittings are safe and secure.

Liquid-Cooled Gaming PC FAQs

Is liquid cooling good for gaming PCs?

Liquid cooling is the best for gaming PCs because water transfers heat more efficiently than air. It allows your gaming PC to run optimally during intense gaming sessions and with reduced chances of overheating.

Are liquid-cooled gaming PCs worth it?

Most gamers think of liquid cooling as a flashier option. But it is also more effective in temperature management and offers incredible performance for your gaming PC. Although liquid-cooled PCs will cost more, they are worth it considering the experience they can deliver, especially for experienced gamers looking to get every FPS out of their gaming hardware.

Do liquid-cooled PC need maintenance?

Liquid-cooled gaming PCs don't need any maintenance because they are a closed-loop and can't be refilled. However, they need to be regularly inspected to prevent leaks and address any potential leaks as early as possible.

Does liquid cooling increase FPS?

Liquid cooling can increase FPS, although indirectly. Because liquid cooling provides better cooling, the PC can deliver higher performances which include higher FPS rates.

What are the advantages of liquid cooling?

Liquid cooling offers many benefits, among them a higher overclocking potential. It takes up less space than air cooling and has a better aesthetic appeal. Liquid cooling is also ideal if you live in a place with higher ambient temperatures.

Can the liquid in the PC leak?

There are risks associated with liquid cooling, and leaking is one of them. However, leaking is not common, and all measures are taken to minimise leaks or the damages that could be associated with a leak.

How often should I change the liquid in the cooling system?

You can change the fluid in a custom cooling system every 12 months to remove particulate and ensure optimal thermal performance.

Can I add water to my liquid cooling system?

Yes, you can add water to the cooling system. However, you should know that while water absorbs more heat, it also takes longer to cool down, so the fans might have to run longer and at higher RPMs to cool down the water. Other liquids used in the cooling system include deionised water, glycol/water mixture and dielectric fluids.

Do I need liquid cooling If I’m not overclocking?

Liquid cooling is not necessary if you’re not overclocking. Air cooling should do just fine. But you can also install it for aesthetics, and it will also help keep your processors cool at all times.

Are liquid cooling PCs more expensive?

On average, a liquid-cooled gaming PC will cost you more than an air-cooled PC. But for gamers who want the best performance and understand how critical high FPS is, the additional cost is manageable.

Do Gaming PCs Need Liquid Cooling?

Not all gaming PCs require liquid cooling. However, if you want to improve the efficiency of your PC, it has overclocking potential, or you’re running high-performance GPUs, which is typical for most gaming PCs, it’s a good idea to consider liquid cooling.

You can also consider liquid cooling if you want a quieter machine that runs longer and cooler especially in warm climates.

What is the Liquid in a Liquid Cooled PC?

There are numerous liquids in the market that promise excellent cooling results. These include corrosion inhibition additives and coolants that claim to be completely non-conductive and reduce the impact on your computer.

For gamers that prefer to have that extra touch of style, there are dyes that promise to knock off a few degrees and bring some colour to your cooling system.

But, the best and most commonly used liquid in liquid-cooled PCs is pure distilled water. To prevent algae growth, you can also add a biocide especially if the location of your PC receives direct sunlight.

Do Liquid Cooled Computers Leak?

There is a risk of leaking when using a liquid-cooled computer. This can be through a loose-fitting, a cracked block or tube. However, this is often a rare emergency and one that you can mitigate by carefully planning your loop to minimise damage in case of a leak.

Do I Need Fans if I have Liquid Cooling?

Most liquid cooling systems are paired with case fans to cool components like the motherboard chips, hard drives and other components that might be water-cooled. The case fans also help to circulate air inside the case to cool the components even more.

Do you offer financing options for liquid-cooled gaming PCs?

We offer financing options together with our financing partner Hitachi. You can get your liquid-cooled PC and pay for it in manageable monthly instalments.

How soon can I get the PC after completing the purchase?

After checkout and completing the purchase, it can take between 7-10 working days for the PC to arrive. This period includes the assembly, testing and shipping time.

Why Get Your PC from Fierce?

Water-cooled gaming PCs for all budgets

We understand our clients are from all walks of life brought together by their love for gaming. Our goal is to make sure you can find great value in our products regardless of your budget. We have high-end, midrange and budget-friendly water-cooled PCs.

Customised Water Cooled PCs

Customising a gaming PC not allows you to add a personal touch to your creation but also to design a computer that fits your gaming needs and is capable of delivering depending on your needs. With our online PC configurator, you can easily make adjustments to the options we already have to match your needs or build your own from the ground up.

Fast Delivery

We provide all our clients with expedited shipping on all gaming PCs. We know how important it is to get the hardware to you in the shortest time possible and we pull all the strings to achieve that. For customers that opt to have customised liquid-cooled PCs, we start building and testing the PC within 48 hours after you pick the parts and other hardware. With Fierce PC, you get your new PC in the shortest time.

Quality guarantee

We want you to have confidence in our products. That’s why we offer a 3 years warranty and up to 5 years on selected brands like Imperial. Our gaming PCs also come with a 1-year labour guarantee. In case your new PC runs into any problems within 30 days, we will pay for the shipping back and repair or replace the item for you at no cost. That is how much we are dedicated to offering you a quality and trouble-free gaming experience. Should you have any problem whether buying or operating your new hardware, our customer support team is always ready to listen and assist you.