Game Max Click RGB Gaming Keyboard

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Brand new for 2019 Game Max are proud to introduce the Game Max Click RGB Gaming Keyboard. Made from ABS, the Click has the look and feel of a mechanical keyboard but for half the price, this keyboard is great for first time or even established gamers. 

It includes a seven colour LED backlight, colours include Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, White, Purple and Yellow, adjust the colour and brightness quickly and efficiently.

12 multimedia functions are included to easily control media player activities and any windows activities such as accessing emails, press FN + F1-F12. Anti-static, strain reducing and the mechanical feel allows gamers to be more precise when confronted by there enemies! Suitable for Windows series.

Key Features

  • Mechanical Feel - The Game Max Click comes with quick switch and looks and feels like any top end mechanical gaming keyboard. The mechanical feel of the keys make it more comfortable and responsive allowing you to not only use it for gaming but use in the office should you wish.


  • Seven Colour LED Backlight - Easily adjust the colour of your keyboard using a handy key situated next to the FN key, game in the dark and illuminate every key, colours include Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, White, Purple and Yellow. The Click also has a 7 colour breathing mode, press FN and the LED button.


  • A Keyboard Designed For Gamers - Game in style using the 19 anti-ghosting keys, 12 multimedia functions and lock / unlock Windows key create a professional gaming experience without any stoppages and enjoy a responsive and smooth game.


  • Responsive 19 Key Anti-Ghosting - Never worry about duplicate key strokes in game again. With 19 key anti-ghosting every press will be registered.


  • Splash Proof and Well Thought Out Design - On the back of the Click are four drain holes to help prevent water from damaging your keyboard and the easily removable keys make the click easy to clean, allowing you to keep your set up neat and tidy!


  • User Friendly - USB plug and play, no driver required, compatible for Windows Series.


Connectivity: USB
Keyboard Qty: 105
Cable Length: 1.8m
LED Colour: 7 (Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, White, Purple & Yellow)
Working Power: 5V=200mA
M.T.B.F: 10 Million Keystrokes
Multimedia Functions : FN + F1-F12
F1: Open Default Media Player Program
F2: Decrease System Volume
F3: Increase System Volume
F4: Mute System Volume
F5: Stop Current Media Track
F6: Play Previous Media Track
F7: Play Or Pause Current Media Track
F8: Play Next Media Track
F9: Open Default E-mail Program (Not Web-Mail)
F10: Open Home Page
F11: Lock Keys
F12: Open Calculator
Anti Ghosting: 19 Keys
Key Elasticity : >15g
Pre-Travel Distance of Keys: 1.2+/-0.3mm
Total Travel Distance of Keys: 3.6+/-0.3mm
Working Environment Temperature : 0°C to +55°C
Operating Humidity: 10ºC to 40ºC
Working Voltage: +5V ± 0.25V
Working Current: 200mA (330mA max.)
Software Compatibility : Windows 2000 / XP / VISTA / 7 / 8 / 10 / Linux
Net Weight: 810g ± 10g