Draconis Machina RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

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Draconis Machina RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

The Fierce Draconis Machina RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse kit boasts both performance and aesthetic enhancements for your gaming setup. Take your first steps into competitive gaming with the Draconis Machina and gain that all important edge against your online enemies.

The keyboard features 13 mind-blowing RGB lighting options and super-responsive red mechanical key switches, while the mouse features RGB lighting, a comfortable ergonomic grip and high precision adjustable DPI.

The Fierce Draconis Machina combines aesthetics, accuracy, comfort and durability to ensure an enjoyable and long-lasting gaming experience.





Weight: 1.26kg

Dimensions: 442mm*144mm*37.2mm

Switch: Red


Weight: 118g

Dimensions: 129mm*67.5mm*42mm

Resolution: 500-3500 DPI (Default 1250 DPI)

Cable: 1.8m braided cable


Backlight Functions


FN+INS: Change backlight modes

FN+DEL: 7 single colour backlight

FN+Up arrow: Increase backlight brightness

FN+Down arrow: decrease backlight brightness

FN+Right arrow: Decrease effect speed

FN+Left arrow: Increase effect speed

FN+ESC: Reset



Press left and right button to change backlight mode

Additional Functions


FN+F1: Media

FN+F2: Volume down

FN+F3: Volume up

FN+F4: Mute

FN+F5: Stop

FN+F6: Previous

FN+F7: Play/Pause

FN+F8: Next

FN+F9: Email

FN+F10: Web

FN+F11: Computer

FN+F12: Calculator



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