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Cooler Master MasterMouse Pro L Gaming Mouse

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Custom Fit Your Mouse Grip MasterMouse Pro L

Overview MasterMouse Pro L Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse with Personalized Grip
Arm yourself with the MasterMouse Pro L and customize your grip with modular top covers and side grips. No matter how you choose to play, the ergonomic, contoured design and matte finish offer the best grip for even the most demanding gamers. Get an Avago sensor with up to 12000 DPI, brilliant RGB illumination with 16.7 million colour options, and user-friendly software to customize and synchronize your rig's colour scheme.

Custom Fit Your Mouse Grip 
Two top covers combined with two pairs of easy to switch, magnetic side panels allow for several grip configurations. Experiment together with sensor settings and discover the fit that works best for you. Or tailor your grip to each game you play and the DPI levels you are using, ensuring maximum performance. Whether you're sniping from a mile away or swinging a battle axe at close range, the MasterMouse Pro L has a grip for every situation. Top Cover L (130 mm, Palm grip) L (130 mm, Palm grip) L (130 mm, Palm Grip) L (130 mm, Palm grip) M (125 mm, Claw grip) Side Panels UV coated (Smooth grip) UV coated (Smooth grip) UV coated (Smooth grip) Textured surface (Firmer grip) 

More Colours than You Can Count
Limitless colour options. MasterMouse Pro L can shine in more than 16.7 million colours. The choice is yours. Set your colour preferences for the mouse wheel together with the back beam and then for both front sides. Save up to five separate illumination profiles with multiple effects options and switch between them at will. 

A Sensor You Can Trust 
Avago PMW3360 optical sensor truly delivers up to 12000 DPI. No interpolation, no acceleration. MasterMouse Pro L doesn't estimate your moves. It tracks them in real time.

Choose Your Weapon 
Switch between four customizable DPI levels! Preprogram DPI values for each level with anything from 400 to 12000 DPI in 100 DPI steps. Fine tune your mouse and face each battle with a weapon you can depend on. 

How Many Buttons Do You Need?
The MasterMouse Pro L offers 8 programmable buttons that can be easily expanded up to 14+1 switch button thanks to the Storm Tactix function. Assign the Storm Tactix button based on your preference and press it to enable all secondary functions. The default DPI switch can be found on the bottom right side of the mouse but can be reassigned to any other button, for those who want to switch DPI levels on-the-fly.

Built to Last 
Nearly every inch of the MasterMouse Pro L's body is covered in a matte UV coating. This coating is highly durable and won't peel, wear, or tarnish. Both of the main buttons are equipped with Omron switches guaranteed to last 20 million clicks. The cable strain relief has been built extra strong to endure even the wildest actions. 

User-friendly Software 
Customize DPI levels, illumination, button functions and advanced sensor settings (lift of distance, angle snapping, angle turnability, sensitivity). Different grip configurations with different settings net different results. Experiment and discover what setup fits you best.
Features• l Ergonomic design and feel: Ambidextrous shape and matte finish offers the best grip and touch to fit even the most demanding gamers. 
• Interchangeable and flexible: Extra top cover and side panels give a perfect balance between claw and palm grips. 
• Brilliant RGB illumination with multiple lighting effects: Customize with 16.7 million colours and lighting modes for DPI indicator and glowing beam on bottom.
• Intelligent mouse with user-friendly software: Easily program macros on up to five profiles and playback on this mouse equipped with 32-bit ARM processor and 512KB on-board memory.
• Create key combinations: Assign secondary functions to every mouse button with the Storm TactiX key and create eight extra key combinations.
• Superior gaming grade outfit Long-lasting Omron switches and advanced optical Avago sensor with up to 12000 DPI.