AMD Athlon X4 845 3.5GHz (3.8GHz Turbo) Quad Core Processor

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No Dual-Core Limitations - Get More with AMD Athlon X4

Get more with AMD Athlon X4 in your system for a true quad-core advantage, smooth video playback and online gaming experiences, and the power to equip just the right amount of performance for you. From AMD, the company behind proven high-performance processors in the Playstation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles, as well as Radeon graphics cards.

True Quad-Core Advantage

  • True quad-core performance you need at the price you want.
  • Built to handle highly-threaded applications and advanced operating systems, such as Windows 10.
  • Double the multi-threading capacity of Intel's Pentium G series for desktop.

Smooth Video & Online Gaming

  • Built to take full advantage of the advanced feature sets in modern graphics APIs like DirectX 12 and Vulkan.
  • More than powerful enough to provide 100 FPS in popular online games like League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
  • Couple with a capable graphics card for smooth video streaming and playback.

Personalised Performance

  • Available with a range of capable near-silent coolers, clock-rates, and both efficient and high-performance unlocked options.
  • Multiple upgrade paths to better graphics and memory performance via Athlon X4 Socket FM2+ motherboards.
  • Highly configurable power and performance curve via AMD OverDrive software.


When Two Core's Aren't an Option

Unlike Intel's dual-core Pentium G for desktop, AMD Athlon X4 CPU boasts true quad-core architecture fully capable of handling modern processing tasks.

Many popular, modern software titles can require quad-core processors to run properly. The AMD Athlon X4 CPU is built to handle highly-threaded applications, and perform when you need it most.

Gear Up For Gaming

With four CPU cores equipped to handle multi-threaded graphics engines, the AMD Athlon processor has more performance than you need to play the most popular online game titles and take full advantage of the advanced feature set in modern graphics APIs like DirectX12 and Vulkan

High Performance Pedigree

From AMD, the high performance processor company behind the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles, and Radeon Graphics Cards.

Upgradable and Scalable

All AMD Athlon X4 Socket FM2+ motherboards provide users multiple upgrade paths to better graphics and memory performance, so your system can grow with your needs. The AMD Athlon X4 processors on the FM2+ platform are built to accomodate modern PCIe Gen3 graphics cards, so you can pick the right GPU for the performance level you need.

Unlocked and Loaded

AMD Athlon X4 K-series processors boast a highly configurable power and performance curve via AMD OverDrive software. Tailor your experience to your personal preference, whether it's performance, efficiency or low noise.

More Than Just Clock Rate Increases

The AMD Athlon X4 processor line-up offers models from high-efficiency to high performance, from multiplier locked to unlocked. Now bundled with a range of capable near-silent coolers, you can pick the ideal total processor solution for your system

New, Quiet and Performance Coolers

AMD's new near-silent coolers for select desktop processors offers 65W, 95W and 125W options that generate less than 39 dBa of noise, even under load

Microsoft DirectX 12 Support

AMD Athlon X4 Processors fully support Microsoft DirectX 12 and its Multi-Threaded Command Buffer Recording feature for an impressive leap in gaming performance, spectacular image quality, stunning 3D visual effects, realistic lighting and lifelike imagery

Unlocked CPU Clock Multiplier

AMD Athlon K-series processors can be overclocked without artificial multiplier restrictions for simpler, easier overclocking.

AMD OverDrive Technology

Achieve total control of your system with AMD OverDrive technology's powerful settings and monitoring tools.

AMD Turbo Core Technology

AMD Turbo Core Technology dynamically adjusts for performance boosts and low power states to maximise application performance within the thermal and power limits of your system

AMD Wide Floating Point Accelerator

Enables improved performance on HPC, scientific and workstation applications with a shared FP Scheduler Dual 128-bit Floating Point engine - capable of teaming together for 256-bit AVX instructions or operating separately with each core.

Advanced Instruction Capabilities

Supports advanced instruction sets such as AVX, FMA4 and XOP, and AES, greatly increasing performance in applications designed to take advantage of this feature.

AMD Virtualization (AMD-VTM) Technology with IOMMU

Helps virtualization software to run more securely and efficiently, enabling a better experience when dealing with virtual systems.

AMD Cool'n'Quiet Technology

Designed to deliver more efficient performance by automatically and instantaneously adjusting performance states and features based on processor performance requirements.

Microsoft Windows 10 Support

Designed to deliver all the benefits of Microsoft Windows 10 OS. FREE UPGRADE OFFER! Get DirectX 12 with a free upgrade to Windows 10 in its first year from Microsoft.